Explore New Delhi

Explore New Delhi
Visiting New Delhi for the first time can be a fascinating and potentially chaotic experience, but the memories you’ll gain will leave a lasting impression. A city of extremes, as a traveler you can enjoy some amazingly modern luxury hotels with all the amenities and yet outside the hotel gates, can be a mess of crumbling buildings, hanging wires, worn out painted signs, and people and rickshaws everywhere. New Delhi has the highest population, the most heavily polluted air, more temples than you can imagine, and is the capital city of India. Exploring New Delhi temples and learning its history is easiest with a tour guide, who will do all the planning and navigating for you.  However, for the adventurous types, this city can be an exercise in patience and perseverance.
The Lotus Temple
Akshardham Temple

Temples to Visit in New Delhi

  • Laxmi Narayan Temple – Hindu
  • Lotus Temple – Bahai
  • Akshardham Temple
  • ISKCON hare Krishna Temple
  • Hanuman Mandir, Jhandewalan

Unique Things to See and Do in New Delhi

  • Stroll through the Chawri Bazar
  • Wander throught the Lodi Gardens
  • Visit the UNESCO  World Heritage site of Qutub Minar

New Delhi Temples

New Delhi has a plethora of temples to visit. Ranging in religious beliefs, you can find anything from Muslim mosques, to Hindu temples, and to Bahai centres. Some of the most elaborate temples in the world are found in India and others are so unique, like the Hanuman Mandir temple. Popularly known because of its red coloured, 108ft statue of Lord Hanuman. Spectacularly big, it even moves its arms back and forth. Another beautiful temple has a sunken-in, lotus shaped garden attached to the Akshardham Temple- a Swaminarayan temple.

Getting Around New Delhi

New Delhi has an extensive transportation system, with highways that run directly through the city, metro lines, bus routes, rickshaws (traditional and motorized), and of course taxis. Any type taxi or rickshaw that you take, you should always negotiate your price before getting in. If you are not sure what is a reasonable rate, then ask your hotel concierge who might arrange it for you too, for a small fee. Rickshaw drivers often try and convince you to go somewhere, which is usually a tourist destination that they get a commission from. Be firm and tell them you are not interested. For women travelling alone, many foreign women who live in New Delhi say you should tell them you are meeting your boyfriend or husband at the destination to deter the “requests.’

Metro Lines
Tourists in New Delhi often prefer to buy all their train tickets at the foreigner’s office on the first floor of the train station. The attendants are nice, the room is air-conditioned, and you can be sure to get the correct information. They also have comfortable seats if you are waiting for train, and don’t want to be harassed by others. For women travelers, Metro New Delhi provides cars for women only. Inquire about a tourist card if you plan on staying for a while or want unlimited access. The cards are offered for a 1 or 3 day duration.

Best Time of Year to Travel to New Delhi

New Delhi’s temperatures change quite a bit depending on the time year you are travelling. The coldest months, which are most travelers preferred months, are December to February. The temperature averages around 15 °C but can reach a high of 24 °C.  The hottest months are May and June with the temperatures averaging around 40 °C, but the record has been as high as 47.2 °C! Essentially from April to October the weather is hot. During June and July the humidity is the highest, sitting around 70-73%. Combine that with high heat and it can make for unbearable conditions, particularly when you are in and out of an air-conditioned tour bus. The extreme differences between inside and out can feel quite exaggerated.

Did you know…?

The men from the spice market, Khari Baoli, often sleep on their carts at night and return to selling in the morning.

Spices in the Market

Did you ALSO know…?

In the C.R Park Fish Market, the men use a stationary blade that is propped upright to cut the fish. They simply push the huge fish against the blade. It’s worth the visit just to watch them work!

Air pollution is another thing to consider when traveling to New Delhi. It is the most polluted city in the world according to the World Health Organization. This makes it particularly difficult for some travelers with asthma, hay fever, or other respiratory conditions.

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