Explore Negril

Explore Negril
The resort town of Negril in Jamaica is known for its world-class beaches, snorkelling and cliff jumping.

Negril’s most famous beach is sometimes called the Seven Mile Beach (it’s actually about four miles long) and has been rated as one of the top 10 most visited beaches in the Caribbean by the Caribbean Journal. The sand is white and the water crystal clear – leading to the availability of myriad water sports activities.

Tourism in Negril is an important industry for both locals and tour operators. This is the location to let your hair down and take in the surroundings and the Jamaican lifestyle which involves going to the beach, partying, and eating native and international foods.

Negril offers its visitors a vast variety of tours and activities that cater to everyone. For the more active person, there’s mountain bike riding up the Negril Hills, deep sea fishing, diving, golf, endless water sports, swimming with dolphins and horseback riding. For those who wish to simply relax, just pick any beach and enjoy the ocean.

Sunset in Negril
Net fishing...eat fresh seafood daily!

Places to Visit in Negril

  • West End Road
  • Long Bay beach
  • ‘Seven Mile’ beach
  • Negril Lighthouse
  • Mayfield Falls

Unique Things to See and Do in Negril

  • Laze on the famous ‘Seven Mile’ beach
  • Check out the nightlife on Norman Manley Boulevard
  • Watch people cliff jumping – while you eat good food and enjoy the sunset at Rick’s Cafe
  • Try swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, diving or one of the many other watersport activities available

Negril’s History of Black Eels and Beaches

Negril was originally named ‘Negrillo’ by the Spanish in 1494. There are two theories behind the name: one is that this was in reference to the black cliffs to the south of the village, and the other is that there was a huge number of black eels swimming around along Negril’s coast, although there are none to be seen today.

The town has a long history and its development as a resort location began in the late 1950s. But before this, ferries used to transport visitors to Negril, however, it was difficult to drop passengers off at Negril Bay and tourists often ended up having to wade to shore. Travellers during this period used to rent rooms in Jamaican homes or pitch tents in people’s back yards.

The first resorts were constructed in the mid to late 1960s, and a road from Montego Bay to Negril built in the 1970s saw visitor numbers improve from then to the present day.

Today, Negril’s beaches are some of the most popular locations in the world. South of downtown Negril is West End Road, known as the cliff area, which is lined with resorts that offer more privacy and easy access to perfect areas for snorkeling and cliff jumping.

And for the night owls and party animals, Negril is famous for its nightlife scene found on Norman Manley Boulevard. The night life is very important in Negril because guests have an opportunity to experience what partying is like outside the resorts. Places to visit for partying in Negril include Alfred’s Ocean Palace and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Negril.

Getting Around Negril

There are no international airports in Negril, however, the town is just an hour and fifteen-minute drive from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, where there are regular flights from the USA, Canada, Europe and other Caribbean countries.

Roads in Negril are in good condition and public transport is reliable, comfortable and air-conditioned, Route taxi service is available, as well as a special taxi service for tourists certified by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Visitors can rent a car; hire a fully air-conditioned bus or rent motorcycles to travel off the beaten track. The costs for these are reasonable.

Best Time of Year to Travel to Negril

The weather in Negril, Jamaica, is consistently warm and tropical. The average annual temperature is between 27 to 30 degrees Celsius, with the coolest months being January and February. July and August are typically the hottest months.

Did you know…?

Negril’s ‘Seven Mile’ beach has been rated one of the top 10 most visited beaches in the Caribbean.

Perfect sand at Seven Mile Beach

Did you ALSO know…?

James Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga reportedly planned to build a hotel on the beach in Negril in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

Scaramanga”  Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.
Francisco Scaramanga with the golden gun
In Jamaica, it is said there is neither summer nor winter, autumn or spring. Most of the days are filled with warmth and sunshine, even during the rainy season.

Visitors can travel to Negril at any time of the year, but the winter season in the USA, Canada and Europe sees more expensive prices for hotels than in the summer.

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