Explore Germany

Explore Germany
With over 80 million people crammed into this central European country, you better believe there’s a good deal of diversity and unique travel experiences between Germany’s borders. Whether you’re attracted to super-cities like Berlin or the more quaint abodes like Dresden, Germany makes it impossible to be bored. This country is filled with fascinating history and culture (beer drinkers will love it here!), and there’s no shortage of fun to be had. If you’re looking for unique things to do in Germany, keep reading.

Things to do in Germany

  • Participate in Munich’s Oktoberfest!
  • Explore Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall in Berlin
  • Cruise down the Rhine with a Riesling in hand
  • Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Tour some beer gardens
  • Take in the scenic Black Forest
  • Visit Nuremberg and other historical sites from World War II
  • Take a food tour

Germany Planning

Germans have a reputation of being highly efficient, and lucky for you, this applies to travel as well. The country is home to some of the most incredibly high-tech, high-speed rails in the world, and moving between cities is a breeze. Public transit anywhere is easy to use, and affordable.

Germany is very modern. You will not have to look hard to find ATMs, public restrooms, great places to eat, etc. Tipping is expected. To get the most out of your time in Germany, we recommend also getting a taste of the countryside/rural life.

It’s important to note that there is a big difference in language between the state of Bavaria and everywhere else.  Bavaria has a different culture as well, but it’s not hard to navigate between the two. Getting to know both is a delight!


The weather in Germany can be unpredictable, and no matter what time of year you’re visiting, bring layers just in case. Winters can be harsh and cold with lots of snow, especially in the Bavarian Alps. But as soon as the first rays of sunshine come out in the springtime, Germans hit the streets to soak it all up. Things start warming up in March and April, but snow and rain are to be expected.

Summers are pleasant, and often hot, especially in southern Germany. Germany does receive a fair amount of precipitation, so an umbrella is advisable on any outing. Things start cooling off with the arrival of autumn, but the season is pleasant and the foliage can be breathtaking. By November, you’ll start feeling the full effects of oncoming winter!

The Food

Did you know that a Turkish man in Germany invented the doner kebab? It’s true! You’ll find this delightful street food on every corner. You also have to try currywurst, a sausage dish covered with ketchup and curry power and sometimes accompanied with a special tomato sauce. And, of course, you can’t leave Germany without having sampled some delicious pretzel. More meat: the delicious wiener schnitzel.

When it comes to sweets, Black Forest Cake is a specialty. Then there’s “bee sting cake” – a dessert made of sweet yeast dough topped with caramelized almonds and filled with a vanilla custard or buttercream.

As you already know, the Germans do beer exceptionally well. In fact, purity laws dictate that German brewers use only the most simple, purest ingredients, and even the smallest towns have their own microbrewery. But did you know that Germany also produces some excellent wines? There’s also Gluhwein, red wine with spices, cinnamon, orange peels, and sometimes lemon. It’s usually heated up in a mug. Non-alcohol related: try some Spezi, a mix of cola and orange soda.

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  • Renee Rosenberg

    Is it possible to tour Warnemunde and Rostock without doing the castle? I am not sure that we want to commit to a 9 hour day, We arrive 9/23 on the Marina cruise ship. Thanks


    • Susan

      Hi Renee: Which guide are you trying to reach?

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