Explore the United States

Explore the United States
The United States is impossible to summarize in a few short words. Being one of the most diverse countries in the world (if not THE most diverse), it’s also the most powerful influence worldwide – whether it’s pop culture or politics, you can be sure to hear something about the United States wherever you are on the planet. Being such a large country, it makes sense that each state has its own unique attractions and cultural identity. For example, California is the USA’s coveted jewel: home to Hollywood and some of the country’s most gorgeous landscapes, it’s no wonder people out there say “the west coast is the best coast.” Then there’s New York City, the world’s iconic city, and then the deep and mysterious Southern USA – often the brunt of many jokes, but with an incredible wealth of beauty and culture.

So what’s your travel style? Would you like to hit the slopes in Vail, Colorado? Relax on one of Florida’s or Hawaii’s white sandy beaches? Take a road trip to the Grand Canyon? Party in Las Vegas? You better believe it’d take a lifetime to do and see it all. But Americans are happy to have you explore their home country, and leaving without having a good time is impossible.

Places to Visit in the United States

  • New York City
  • Hollywood, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Washington, DC
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Austin, Texas
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Nashville, Tennessee

Unique Things to See and Do in the United States

  • Visit the White House in Washington
  • Explore Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve
  • Wander the Las Vegas Strip
  • See the active volcanic crater known as Kilauea, in Hawaii
  • Check out Niagara Falls
  • Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Visit NYC’s Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building
  • Spend time in Yellowstone National Park
  • Road trip to the Grand Canyon
  • Have fun at the theme parks in Orlando

United States Culture

It’s hard to pinpoint any one thing that’s true to American culture. The United States has a very much Westernized lifestyle, but thanks to its great population of various ethnic groups, it’s also one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. You’ll find a blend of everything: African, Asian, Latin American, Polynesian, etc.  The most notable influencers, of course, were the English who colonized the country beginning in the early 1600s.

According to the United States government, there’s no official language, but 90 per cent of its population speaks and understands at least some English. Almost every language in the world is spoken here, and the most popular include Spanish, Chinese, French, and German.  It’s not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by Spanish speakers in areas like Miami, for example, where a strong Cuban presence is very much known. Nearly every religion in the world is also practiced here, thanks to a founding principle on the freedom of religion.

In regards to pop culture and fashion, American celebrities and the media VERY much influence the United States population. When it comes to food, most people have a misconception about what constitutes American food: it’s not just hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato chips. It’s also about outside influences, and regional differences, like the beloved Tex-Mex cuisine.

Sports and entertainment also play major roles in most Americans’ lives. Football is the most popular sport, but basketball, baseball, and hockey are high up on the list too. And when it comes to entertainment? Look no further than Hollywood. The television and movie business in the United States is booming, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Did you know…?

1 out of every 8 Americans will work at McDonald’s at some point.

Did you ALSO know…?

The United States flies its flag more than any other country in the world.

Getting around the United States

The United States is BIG! Driving is always a pleasurable experience, and doing so in the United States affords some spectacular views. If you’re travelling large distances and want to do so in a short amount of time, flying is always your best option. There’s a huge selection of airlines to choose from.

But when it comes to public transit, you have your options as well. Most cities have their own bus or subway systems, and many cities are now bicycle friendly. When it comes to moving between states and cities, the Amtrak railway system isn’t a bad route to go, but it’s a slow one. The Greyhound Bus system is cheaper, but less comfortable.

Best time of year to travel to the United States

Since the United States is so large and covers so much terrain, you’d be hard pressed to find a time of year that isn’t the right time to visit…it just depends on the region you’re interested in. Hawaii, for example, is pleasant year-round. Florida is can be sometimes chilly in the winter months, but for the most part, it’s still not nearly as chilly as its friends in the north.

If your preferred destination is in the north, like New York City, the spring and summer months are usually the best time to go. Temperatures are warmer, and you’ll find most places will be lit up with festivals and special events. Snow will slam some states hard in the winter – including New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio – making travel conditions unfavorable and sometimes dangerous.

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