Explore Sydney

Explore Sydney
Sydney is a cosmopolitan delight and an Australian gem. It’s a relatively newer city, founded by the British in 1788, but the area had been inhabited by indigenous Australians long before  British settlement. Interestingly, it was originally a colony used for exiled prisoners, and forced labour which has left a cultural legacy of colonial buildings worth checking out. Most of the labour produced the infrastructure, like roadways and such, but in the 1800s the transport of convicts stopped and the city began to flourish with its existing population. Nowadays, the city offers great shopping, fantastic beaches, and tons of culture to explore.
Bondi Beach
The Historic Rocks District
Climbing Harbour Bridge!

Places To Visit In Sydney

  • Darling Harbour
  • Hyde Park
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Historic Rocks district
  • Chinese Garden of Friendship
  • The Queen Victoria Building
  • Torongo Zoo
  • Manly Port
  • Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves

Unique Things To See And Do In Sydney

  • Climb the Harbour Bridge (yep! Climb!)
  • Check out the pubs on George Street
  • Walk across the Harbour Bridge
  • Surf at Bondi Beach
  • Kayak Middle Harbour
  • Walk the Sky Walk at Centrepoint Tower
  • Dine in Chinatown
  • Eat Kangaroo

Sydney’s Gastro Cuisine Scene

It is hard to beat Sydney’s fresh seafood scene with anything else, but Sydney offers a variety food choices and restaurant types. But what is typically Australian food? The first things that come to mind are Vegemite and kangaroo burgers, but they have a few other unique foods that could give a try. Here is a list of few:

  • Macadamia nuts! Native to Australia
  • Anzac biscuits – a post war soda cracker
  • Emu meat on pizzas – very lean meat
  • Barbecues of any sort – especially at a picnic on the beach
  • Cherry Ripe – a dark chocolate bar with coconut and cherries inside
  • Meat pies – famous all around the world!
  • Crocodile Meat
  • Oh! And there’s the beetroot burger. This is a burger with a slice of beetroot in it and it is delicious.

Sidney hosts a plethora of food choices from Thai, Italian, Indian, Japanese, South Pacific, and Mediterranean styles. So if you’re a finicky eater, you’ll find anything here. For the true Aussie experience, you’ll want to local the pubs along George Street in the oldest part of the city called The Rocks.

There is one hot spot that hits the tourist hot list and that is Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Located at Woollomoloo Wharf, expect long lines, low prices, and great quality.

Getting Around Sydney

The easiest way to get around Sydney is by bus. The transportation system is quick and easy, but you can also take a train and get there even faster. Another fun way to get around is by ferry! Sydney is one of the largest natural harbours which allows for convenient ferry travel. Plus you’ll see some of Sydney’s famous landmarks from an incredible vantage point. Sights like the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Manly Port. Sydney also has tram lines, the Metro Light Rail,  that runs from the city centre to several popular destinations. If you’re using public transit a few times during the day invest in a day pass for unlimited travel. It reduces your costs quite a bit and is less of a hassle.

Did you know…?

In Sydney, the only time the government was overthrown by coup was claimed to be a RUM REBELLION (1808). In Governor Bligh’s defence he claimed the coup was because he was threatening the profits of spirit dealers, and the Rum Rebellion name has stuck ever since.

Lamington Sponge Cake

Did you ALSO know…?

That Koala bears are actually marsupials and not bears at all!

Koala bears on a Eucalyptus tree

Best Time of Year to Visit Sydney

Every day is a good day to visit! Sydney’s climate temperate and boasts sunshine almost every day. The biggest decision is to decide what type of tourist season you want to go in. Summer in Australia, winter in the Northern Hemisphere, is typically the most popular time of year to visit. If you are planning on visiting more than one spot in Australia, map out a travel route first and check the festivals and events happening. That is often the best way to sort out which cities you’ll want to be in and when. For those who don’t like lots of crowds its best to avoid the high seasons as they are festival intensive, and Australians know how to party!

High Season – runs from January to April, and then again from October to December.
Low Season – runs from May to August
Shoulder Season – mid April to mid May, August and September, and then mid December to mid January.

Sydney’s Climate

With over 340 days of sunshine, the temperate climate has warm summers and cool winters. Some summer days can get hot. The temperature ranges from 18-30C in the summer and in the winter 8-18C. Overall rainfall is spread throughout the year, but you can expect frequent thunderstorms- on average 30 per year. Heat waves are occurring more frequently in recent years, which often lead to bushfires and water restrictions, and there has been some interesting storms recently. In October 2014 the city was hit with high winds and record rainfall. So be prepared for all sorts of weather, especially if you’re touring around the country.

Ready to plan your visit? Check out these popular guides and trips.

Ready to plan your visit to Sydney? Check out these popular guides and trips.

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