Explore Montana

Explore Montana
Montana may not be the most well-known states in the US, but it is home to a number of its most prized tourist attractions.

Yellowstone Park for one. Cemented in our consciousnesses as children thanks to a certain little bear called Yogi who lived in Jellystone Park, Yellowstone is the country’s first national park. Although predominantly located in the state of Wyoming, it spreads into Montana too.

Then there are the pristine forests, alpine meadows, mountains and lakes of Glacier National Park – the ultimate playground for hikers with over 700 miles of trails.

Wild and free, Montana is all about being out under the big blue sky and breathing the fresh air. This is a state where you can ski, trek, and ride. It invites you to get to know the Native American culture and to discover the wilderness from grizzlies to spectacular glacial landscapes.

It’s also one of the more unusual places in the US to indulge in a little wine-tasting. As if you needed another reason to pay it a visit.

Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park
Morning Glory Pool, Yellowstone National Park
State Capitol in Helena

Places to Visit in Montana

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Gallatin & Paradise Valleys
  • Bozeman
  • Billings

Unique Things to See and Do in Montana

  • Get back to nature in Yellowstone National Park
  • Explore the spectacular Glacier National Park
  • Hit the slopes at one of the state’s many ski resorts
  • Learn more about wolves and bears at the not-for-profit Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Centre
  • Check out the brewpubs and boutiques of quirky Bozeman

Montana’s Native American Heritage

There are 12 Native American tribes that call Montana home, and combined, they make up around 6% of the state’s population. As a result, it is a great place to discover and experience their cultures and traditions, with a number of museums and reservations welcoming visitors across the state.

For example, the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning offers a fascinating look at the historic arts and crafts of the tribe with exhibits exploring traditional costumes and ceremonies.

Then there is the Blackfeet Heritage Centre just over the road which houses a number of art exhibits. Here you will learn about the tribe’s customs, their respect for wildlife, and much much more. But to gain an even deeper insight into the lives of the Blackfeet Indians, you can head onto the reservation where the Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village welcome visitors and you can experience cultural history with tours to historic sites across the reservation, dig into some traditional cuisine and even sleep in a tipi.

Best Time of Year to Travel to Montana

With its dry climate, temperatures in Montana can feel milder than expected. Summers are warm and temperate, with the months of May and June the wettest. Winters can get very cold, with heavy snowfall in the mountains which makes it ideal for skiing. Spring and autumn are a little more unpredictable, with snow and sun sometimes within just minutes of each other – in fact, Montana holds the world record for the greatest temperature change in 24 hours.

Getting Around Montana

With more than 380,000 square kilometres, Montana is a big state – in fact, the fourth largest in the US. Fortunately, it has plenty of  transport on offer to help you get around.

Renting a car is without a doubt the easiest with many of the interstates and highways offering some breathtaking sights as you make your way around. Otherwise you can hop on the Amtrak rail system across the northern part of the state. And if that’s doesn’t work for you, then there’s always the good old Greyhound bus to get you between many of the state’s main towns and cities.

Did you know…?

Montana is home to the world’s shortest river, the Roe River in Great Falls.

Roe River

Did you ALSO know…?

The state nickname is the “Treasure State.” Other nicknames include “Land of Shining Mountains”, “Big Sky Country” and “The Bonanza State.”

Nothing illustrates "Big Sky Country" like a cloud storm.

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