Explore Honduras

Explore Honduras
Travelling through Honduras has been on the rise for many adventure-seekers. There are plenty of coral reefs to snorkel through, rainforest treks to hike through, and colonial architecture to admire. But Honduras is often a forgotten spot due to the higher incidents of crime, violence, and kidnapping. For the majority, travelling through Honduras is much like other countries in South America where you need to exercise your “safety” common sense, and if you can do that, then Honduras won’t disappoint. The countryside is stunning, the people are warm and friendly, and the beaches are inviting.

Honduras is part of  South America but sits in the central region situated between Nicaragua in the southeast, El Salvador in the west, and Guatemala to the northwest. Honduras has the luxury of long stretches of Caribbean coastline and vibrant turquoise waters.  A popular spot is the Bay Islands off the coast of La Ceiba. These islands are the perfect for resort living. The three main islands are; Rotan, the perfect tropical vacation spot; Utila, for a relaxing getaway; and Guanaja, known for scuba diving, mountainous jungles, and secluded beaches.

Clear waters of Roatan, Bay Islands

Places to Visit in Honduras

  • San Pedro Sula
  • La Ceiba
  • Cayos Cochinos
  • Tegucigalpa
  • Utila
  • Roatan

Unique Things to See and Do in Honduras

  • Explore the Mayan Ruins at Copan
  • Watch the macaws fly around Gumbalimba Park
  • Raft down the Rio Cangrejal
  • Check out the carpeted city of Comayagua during the week of Palm Sunday
  • Lay in the sun on Punta Sal
  • See the hieroglyphics of the Mayan people at Copan

Plenty of things to do in Honduras

Travelling to Honduras can be a pretty carefree trip if you have plenty of time, but if you’re only in the country for a fortnight, you’ll need to plan out the major stops. Honduras is pretty big and there’s lots to do, but travelling between destinations can take time.

When you first arrive, you’ll land in San Pedro Sula. Head over to the town Copan Ruinas to explore the Mayan ruins. Around the ruins, there are plenty of eco-trails you can explore, and if you’re lucky you can spot monkeys and coatis (kind of looks like an anteater crossed with a racoon).  Another great little town to visit is the colonial town of Gracias. Situated in the mountains, Gracias is a quiet town and less touristy. Check out the thermal baths while you’re here.

Next head to the cloud forest of Celaque National Park. La Ceiba is a popular spot for Carnival, which happens on the third Saturday in May. Visit the Jungle Eco Resort for a quiet oasis in the jungle. They even have an infinity pool. La Ceiba is a great spot for those who love to hike, mountain bike, water raft or zipline. Next head over to the Bay Islands for a relaxing time after hiking and touring national parks. If you’re a diver, this is the spot you’ll want to spend some serious time at.

Honduras has so much see, and while there are areas geared for tourists, there are also plenty of towns that you can hang out like a typical Honduran.

Getting Around Honduras

Getting around Honduras is much easier if you learn a few words in Spanish, especially for negotiating flat rates with taxis. If you are travelling by bus rates are set and are usually fairly cheap. There are a few regional airlines for domestic travel, such TACA Airlines (Islena), Aerolineas Sosa, and Lanhsa Airlines which all offer reasonable rates. Double check schedules though, they can change on a moments notice if they don’t fill up.

Did you know…?

More than 50% of Hondurans live below the poverty line.

Copan market

Did you ALSO know…?

Honduras has the second largest concentration of coral reefs after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Prince Albert Wreck off Roatan Island
Travelling by bus gives you several options as there are many companies to choose from. For longer distances book a seat and make sure you have air conditioning if it’s available. There are luxury buses too for travel between cities – Hedman Alas and Viana Clase De Oro.

Best Time of Year to Travel to Honduras

Honduras is a beautiful tropical destination, which means you can expect high temperatures and humidity. High humidity brings in the rains which can cause flooding, so double check your travelling routes the day before departing. Flooding can often close roads down for a few days until they are repaired.

High season occurs between January to June, with February and March being a bit more dry. Depending on the area, the temperatures can range from 20˚C to 34˚C. Temperatures can be quite cool in the evenings especially if you’re travelling at higher altitudes. Also, hurricane season runs from August to November.

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