Explore Czech Republic

Explore Czech Republic
Exploring the Czech Republic is like traveling back through time. The country still has strong cultural roots to “traditional” ways of life in amongst a vibrancy for today’s contemporary urban life. It is most notably known for its fantastic castles and Renaissance-era buildings, especially in cities like Prague where a simple cafe is also a historically beautiful landmark.
Charles Bridge, Prague
Hluboká Castle in České Budějovice
Check out the small doorways along Golden Lane, Prague.

Places to Visit in Czech Republic

  • Prague
  • Cesky Krumlov
  • Moravian Karst
  • Karlovy Vary
  • Kutna Hora

Unique Things to See and Do in Czech Republic

  • Prague Castle
  • Prague’s Charles Bridge
  • Český Krumlov Castle
  • Gothic All Saints Chapel in Sedlec, aka “Bone Church”

Czech Republic Attractions

The architecture and history of the Czech Republic will make your trip feel like you are walking through a storybook, weaving your way through layers of complexity. The intricacy of just about everything in the Czech Republic, from doorknobs to archways to pastries or stews, portrays this deep sense of pride and focus in so many aspects of the culture. There are a couple of specific artisan products that convey this level of devotion that are worth exploring while you are there. One of them is the famous Moser glassworks that you can find in Karlovy Vary. Rising to the top for being a master craftsman, Ludwig Moser, founded his glass factory in 1893 and produced for the royal courts of Persia, Hungary, and Great Britain. The glasswork and crystal produced here is rich in colours with impressive clarity. Take a tour through the museum to watch the glassblowers demonstrate their amazing skill. In addition, the city itself is stunning with 13th century buildings and their famous mineral spring spas. A perfect town to unwind in.

You don’t often hear about Czech foods which is a shame because there are so many good things to try. Here is a quick list to be on the lookout for:

  • Bramborak – potato pancakes
  • Buchtičky se šodó – sweet dumplings
  • Gulas or Goulash – rich stews
  • Klobasy – grilled street meats…a must!
  • Koblihy – pastries that are similar to donuts
  • Svickova Na Smetane – sirlong served with bread dumplings and vegetable gravy.

Getting around Czech Republic

You travel around the Czech Republic by traditional methods of the trains, busses, and taxis. Some people even go as far to travel around bicycle, of which you can find guided tours for too, but most travel by train.

The Czech Republic has an extensive railway system- one of the largest in Europe. Czech Railways is the main rail line, along with some smaller private companies such as RegioJet and Leo Express. Travelling by train is easy and economical. When your deciding on your routes be aware that there are fast trains (Rychlik and Spesny) and slower trains (osobni). The difference between them is the number of stops along the way, so be sure to write the actual location you wish to travel to when purchasing your ticket. Many of the ticket agents don’t speak English.

Did you know…?

Czech garnets, known as Bohemina garnets, have been mined for centuries and are uniquely small, deep red stones. Check out the garnet stores while in Prague, but buyer beware. Shop with reputable jewellers!

Czech reknown garnets!

Did you ALSO know…?

That according to the International Business Times, the Czechs drink more beer per person (143 liters) than any other country!

Pilzen Gate

Best time of year to travel to Czech Republic

With the summer warmth comes the summer crowds in the Czech Republic. The country can get quite cold in the winter months, dropping below zero, which means the majority of travelers stick with the hotter summer months. Summer/high season also means higher hotel prices and big crowds to get through too. Overall, the easiest times to travel are spring and fall months, when the weather is still warm and the crowds are fewer.

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