Experience Change Islands

Experience Change Islands
If you think Newfoundland is a remote Canadian island, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been to Change Islands. Yes, the name is confusing – there is really just one island, but the title is steeped in history. Apparently an old settler had set up a home on an island nearby, but he decided to “change islands” and there we have it. If you know anything about Newfoundlander’s, you’ll know that this type of story is actually fairly normal.

There’s a certain magic in Change Islands. Only about 300 people live here, and yet the island is home to a large Newfoundland pony sanctuary to protect the critically endangered species. The quietness of the landscape is all consuming; sometimes all you can hear are seagulls crying and waves beating against the rocks. But once you dig a little deeper you’ll find stunning coastal hiking trails and fascinating local characters. Be sure to pop into the Olde Shoppe Museum and request an accordion tune from Peter Porter.

Photo credit: Candice Walsh
Photo credit: Candice Walsh
Photo credit: Candice Walsh
“Most times there was nothing to be heard other than birds chirping and wind whistling. I can see why so many writers and artists spend time here.”



Unique Things to See and Do in Change Islands

  • Visit the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary
  • Hike the Squid Jigger’s Trail
  • Eat fried cod tongues at the local restaurant
  • Spend time in the Olde Shoppe Museum
  • Meet the folks running Seven Oakes Island Inn

Information on Change Islands

Like most small towns in Newfoundland, the infrastructure in Change Islands leads a little something to be desired. However, that’s the charm of the place. Life is slower here, and there’s no need for rush.

There are several accommodations scattered around town, including a small hostel and a historic B&B. There’s just one restaurant and a basic grocery store. You’ll have plenty of time to meet the locals.

Change Islands is most notorious for its Newfoundland pony population – a species that is critically endangered. If you visit these friendly creatures, please offer a small donation.

Getting to Change Islands

To get to Change Islands, you’ll have to take the ferry from Farewell. It isn’t a long route, but show up early because traffic can often be quite heavy and you may miss your chance to get onboard.

There’s no way to get around Change Islands other than by vehicle.

Spring, summer, and early autumn are the best seasons for visiting. Change Islands is a very exposed island, so the winter months can be severe.

Did you know…?

Change Islands actually divided in two and is separated by a strait of water known as a “tickle.”

Did you ALSO know…?

Back in the day, Change Islands was home to some popular squid jigging grounds.

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