Explore Agra

Explore Agra
Explore the most popular city in all of India – historic Agra. Previously the capital of India, today it is most commonly known as the home of the Taj Mahal. Built on the bank of the Yamuna River, India’s most prized and beautiful mausoleum is the reason most travellers come to Agra, but Agra is a great city to visit. It is a fascinating blend of history, forts, and gardens to explore, including two other UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Fatehpur Sikri, and the Agra Fort.
Itmad-Ud-Daulah's Tomb
Fatehpur Sikri
Inside Akbar the Great's Tomb

Places to Visit in Agra

  • Taj Mahal
  • The Agra Fort
  • Itmad-Ud-Daulah’s Tomb
  • Silkandra
  • Fatehpur Sikri

Unique Things to See and Do in Agra

  • Visit Mankameshwar Temple
  • Stroll the Ram Bagh garden
  • See the Swami Bagh Samadhi
  • Visit Vrindavan – a holy city for Hindu pilgrimage

Try Delicious Mughlai Foods

One of the greatest gifts of travelling to Agra, besides viewing the Taj Mahal, is the combination of flavors in the local cuisine. In the 16th century the Mughals reigned over India and with that came an infusion of Mughlai flavors mixed in with Persian, Turkish, and South East Asian cuisines. Many of the foods have Farsi names as well, since that was the official language at the time. Chances are you’ve tried some of the most popular dishes already, but while you’re in Agra head over to the Sadar Bazaar for some great Mughlai tapas. If you can try either chicken or mutton korma at Ashok and Ashok. There are plenty of foods to try, like biryani, masala, and who can resist the sweets!

Tips for Eating Meat in India

Many travelers choose not to eat meat while they are in India, which is probably a wise thing to do – however it does mean you can miss out on some great Mughlai foods. If you decide to eat meats while here be sure to eat where lots of locals are eating, and eat something that is being cooked at higher temperature and kept hot continuously. It can be difficult to avoid sickness from meats in India which is why many travelers choose to go completely vegetarian, at least temporarily. Also you can talk to you doctor about taking prescription medications with you, for those “just in case” situations.

Getting Around Agra

India is the land of rickshaws and taxis, and Agra’s best transportation is just that. If you are taking a rickshaw to some of the major attractions, like the Taj Mahal, there are restrictions for motorized vehicles as they are not allowed near the temple. If you want to do less walking then catch a cycle-rickshaw instead. The motored ones are usually a bit more expensive and the cycle ones a little bit slower, but their upside is they don’t contribute to India’s exhaust pollution. Another good reason to visit the Taj Mahal – the air is cleaner there! Fares for motorized rickshaws can be anywhere from ₹50 up to ₹250 (if they wait for you at the site).

Taxis are great way to travel too, but if you are going for long distances they often don’t have air conditioning which means it can be stifling hot. Seek out the taxi booths for information on the current taxi rates, but when booking with them there will be a booking fee added on. Fares to the major sites can cost anywhere from ₹100 to ₹250. If you want more personalized service you can hire taxis for the half day or full day, or better yet, take a guided tour that will include a full history of each site – plus free time to explore.

Did you know…?

The CNG Rickshaws use natural gas and are less damaging to the environment.

Did you ALSO know…?

Under Akbar’s rule in Agra (when it was capital of India), he banned the killing of cows in order to persuade the Hindus into a unified Mughal Empire.

Sacred Cow in Agra

Best Time of Year to Travel to Agra

October through to March is the most comfortable time of year for most travellers. The temperatures fall around November to February with averages between 15°C to 20°C and it rains less. During the summer months the temperatures are extremely high, averaging around 35°C, however they have had record highs of 48.5°C in the month of June. Another thing to consider is that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays, so if you’re making this a short trip be sure to plan accordingly.

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