Wine Tours in France

If there’s one thing the world can agree on, it’s that France produces some really terrific wines. Producing between 7-8 billion bottles of wine per year, it’s no wonder the vineyards of areas like Bordeaux make for an exceptional travel destination. The best way to experience it all is through a guided wine tour, all while soaking up France’s gorgeous scenery as well as the French lifestyle.

Starting out, one of the best places to discover wine is in the medieval village of Saint-Emilion. Your guide will introduce you to the castles of Petrus, Cheval Blanc, and Figeach while exploring the beautiful vineyards of this area. In fact, it’s known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another option is Toulouse, where you’ll learn the cultural heritage of the Gaillac label.

For something off the beaten path, head for the fortified medieval city known as Carcassonne. You’ll discover the city and its history before moving on to the Lastours castles, marked by the crusade against the Cathars. Your guide will take you to some exclusive French restaurants and vineyards while you sample various house wines. You can do the same in Burgundy, where you’ll take a wine tour of the vineyards of the Côte de Nuits, sample cheeses, and even have lunch in a historic castle. Here you’ll also try cassis, which is a blackcurrant liquor first created in Dijon.

Foodies can opt for a wine and food pairing, tasting some of that delicious French cuisine that the country is so well known for. Your guide will take you to a fancy cellar in Montmartre, Paris, where you’ll learn about the age-old history of wine making and how France has influenced the rest of the world with its expertise. Cheese, of course, will be a main feature!

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Wine Tours in France

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