Volcano Tours in Hawaii

Hawaii has a very close relationship with volcanoes – in fact, some islanders still pay homage to Pelehonuamea, the goddess of volcanoes and they believe lava is the physical representation of her. People spend hours looking for her face and body in the unique shapes the cooling lava creates and some go so far as to pray and chant as a form of spiritual experience.

No matter how devout you are, seeing Hawaii volcanoes up close is an incredible adventure. And in order to witness these geothermal marvels safely, we definitely recommend enlisting the services of a Volcano Tour Guide in Hawaii.

There are 16 volcanoes on all the islands that make up this Pacific nation and a specific area dedicated to them called “Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park” on the island of Maui. Whether you want to see the world-renowned Kilauea volcano where molten lava is brewing under the crater floor and you can traverse an ancient lava tube or experience volcanic steam vents and even see flowing lava (when the conditions are right), Hawaii is the place to be. But hiking a volcano isn’t something you want to do without expert help – guides will direct you to the safest spots while explaining to you the science of volcanology and the local lore the traditional residents have been passing down for generations.

And the best part about touring volcanoes in Hawaii is the fact that at the end of every hike you’ll be able to treat your senses to something much less sulfuric – in fact, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most delicious south-pacific food you’ve ever had in your life while enjoy the fresh salty breeze coming in off the ocean. So hire a volcano tour guide in Hawaii today and explore these awe-inspiring homages to Goddess Pelehonuamea.

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Volcano Tours in Hawaii

Erik Storm

Kilauea, Hawaii, United States

Adventure, Eco, Lava, Nature, Private...

$300 USD

Kilauea Summit Highlights

Explore the best of the summit area of Kilauea volcano! This highlight tour includes stops at the Jaggar Museum to view the summit eruption, steam vents and sulphur banks, Kilauea Iki overlo…


Scott Wiggers

Hawaii, United States

Adventure, Car, Hiking Trekking, Sightseeing...

$325 USD

Explore Volcanoes National…

Hawaii, United States, United States

Adventure, Hiking Trekking, Volcano Tour


Joshua Grotkin

Hilo, Hawaii, United States

Adventure, Hiking Trekking, Private...

$150 USD

Volcano Adventure

Hawaii, United States, United States

Adventure, Volcano Tour


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