Vietnam Bike Tour

Vietnam has climbed the ranks to top the list of Asia’s most popular destinations, and there are plenty of good reasons why. Its exoticism and unbelievable natural beauty, combined with rich culture and friendly locals, all makes for a wonderful mix of travel goodness. Whether you’re exploring the streets of busy Hanoi or cruising through the surreal landscape of Halong Bay, you’re sure to find something magical within this country.

For those who like staying fit on the road, and for those with a greater sense of adventure than the average person, a Vietnam bike tour is well worth your time. In Hanoi, despite the chaos, it’s quite easy to navigate the roads via bike. You’ll learn about the rich history of the charming Old Quarter, and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. You’ll relax around Lake Tay Ho, and you’ll spend your day sightseeing with a guide who really knows their stuff.

In Hanoi, you can also experience some of Vietnam’s best food…all by bike. The city is the heart of Vietnam’s gastronomic culture, and you’ll experience a large range of hidden street food stalls, small local restaurants, and even a massive traditional bia hoi restaurant with a view. You’ll eat like a REAL local, and you’ll be surprised about what you can find within the streets of Vietnam’s capital city!

Outside the capital city is a world of unbelievable beauty and astonishing landscapes. Cross Thung Khe pass by motorbike – one of the most beautiful mountain passes in North Vietnam — before taking the road down to the settlement of Mai Chau. Take the winding and exhilarating road through Lung Lo pass, and then ride on through Qui Ho pass to cross the Hoang Lien mountain range – the highest in the country. You can visit the village of the Tay people who live in stilted-houses, and they’ll even welcome you into their homes. Knowing the hospitality of the Vietnamese people, you’re likely to be invited to a full meal.

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Vietnam Bike Tour


Hanoi, Vietnam

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Another must-do bike ride is through Hoi An, giving you the chance to ride through gorgeous local villages and jungles, all while taking in the local lifestyle. Ride to the Vegetable Village to hang out with farmers as they fertilize their crops with lake seaweed. You’ll meet local families who will tell you all about it. There’s also the Cam Thanh Eco Village, famous for its water coconut jungle. Here you should learn the fascinating history about Viet Cong Guerrillas. The nearby fishing village is also well worth a stop, especially to observe fishermen meandering through waterways in their basket boats.  If you’re lucky, you might even learn how to fish.

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