United States Sightseeing

To go sightseeing in the United States can be an overwhelming prospect: after all there are 50 unique states spread over 10 million square kilometres and they range from the arctic wilds of Alaska to the urban jungle of New York City to the sunny beaches of Hawaii. But fear not! There are skilled sightseeing guides aplenty in America who are more than happy to show you the countless attractions this fascinating country as to offer.

Whether it be via zipline through Bootleg Canyon in Las Vegas, paddling the bayous of Louisiana, or riding a horse-drawn carriage through New York’s Central Park, there are innumerable ways to see the highlights of the United States. In fact, there are so many options that hiring a sightseeing tour guide makes sense because they know all the best (and some secret) spots to visit so that you can maximize your tour. And since traveling stress-free is crucial to your enjoyment, sightseeing guides in America are an excellent option because they’ll arrange all the details for you while you just take in the sites.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all that there’s to see in the USA; it can be fun, if done the right way, and the right way is saddled up to an experienced sightseeing guide who knows what you are most intrigued by. Want to explore Washington DC’s famous monuments and war memorials in a swanky eCruiser vehicle? Or admire New York City from a helicopter? Or safely view wildlife like bears and elk in Yosemite National Park? Hire a United States sightseeing guide because it’s their job to ensure travellers of all ages enjoy themselves.

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United States Sightseeing


New York City, New York, United States

Photo, Sightseeing

$125 USD

Grand Central Photo Safari

Grand Central Terminal - Join NYCPS for this one of a kind photo tour and workshop inside Grand Central Terminal (often confused with Grand Central Station), New York City's most popular lan…


Makani Christensen

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Adventure, Beach, Fishing-Hunting...

$157 USD

Complete Circle Island Tours

Oahu, Hawaii, United States, United States

Beach Tour, Sightseeing


Jeremy Wilcox

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Photo, Sightseeing, Walking

$25 USD

Lower East Side Street Art…

New York, United States, United States

Sightseeing, Walking Tour


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Whether you’re treating your older brother to a ghost and vampire tour in New Orleans, your significant other to a wine tour in Napa, or your grandfather to a bird watching trip in Florida, sightseeing tours are a perfect solution. Trained in local lore and skilled at entertaining, American sightseeing guides want to make your trip the trip of a lifetime, and they’ll do everything in their power to accomplish it.

So the next time you’re looking at America’s vastness and wondering how to tackle the country’s incredible sights, look no further: GuideAdvisor has the solution right at your fingertips. Hire a United States sightseeing guide and enjoy the adventure to come.

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