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Tanzania is home to epic wildlife, endless beaches, friendly hospitality, and some of Africa’s most diverse cultures. And at the centre of it all? Famous Mount Kilimanjaro, that iconic mountain that so many people come to see. If you ask us what the best way to see Tazania is, we’d have to go with a Tanzania hiking trekking tour. Read on to find out why.

It’s safe to say that if you’re coming to Tazania for a trekking trip, you’re most likely coming to hike Kilimanjaro. The most popular route on Mount Kilimanjaro is the Machame Route, known as the “Whiskey” route. The days on Machame are longer than most, and the walks are steeper. It’s considered ideal for more adventurous folks with some hiking and backpacking experience. Marangu (the “Coca Cola” route) is the second most popular route, and is a classic trek. It’s the oldest and most established route, preferred by many because it’s considered the easiest path on the mountain. This route also offers sleeping huts in dorm style accommodations.

On the Marangu hike, you can complete the route in five days. However, it’s best to give yourself a few extra days to acclimatize. Unfortunately, this is also considered the least scenic of all the routes, because its ascent and descent are on the same route. Marangu is favoured only during the rainy season, when hut accommodations are preferred to wet ground.

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Evans Shayo

Arusha, Tanzania

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6 Days Kilimanjaro

Route Description: This is the second most popular route, and it is considered the most beautiful route up Kilimanjaro. With a gradual ascend through the forest you emerge to see wide vie…


Yassin Kibungi

Lushoto, Tanzania

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Maasai Tour

Lushoto, Tanzania, Tanzania

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Eliya Tumaini

Arusha, Nairobi, Kenya, Tanzania

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Mt. Kilimanjaro Trek

Arusha, Tanzania, Tanzania

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Many people consider the Lemosho route the best one, since it’ll help you acclimatize to the elevation. This route is actually a newer one, and although it’s difficult and long, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fewer crowds and enjoying some little-known scenic views. Be prepared for six to seven days on the trail, however. On this route, you’ll have an armed ranger to accompany you from day one. This is because the Lemosho Glades have a good deal of wildlife, including buffalo, elephant, and more. You’ll want an armed guard with you when an elephant is staring you down on the trail!

On the Lemosho trail, your Kilimanjaro hiking trekking trip begins in the rainforest. Lemosho is scenically varied – it also crosses the spectacular Shira Plateau, and then takes the Machame route along the southern circuit. On the day you’ll reach the summit, you’ll start just after midnight to reach the summit by sunrise. The extra work you put in will be completely worth it.


How you want to see Mount Kilimanjaro is up to you. Would you prefer the scenic route, which is also the most difficult? How about the easiest route, but the least difficult? And finally, consider Lemosho, a route that’s somewhere in between but with fewer crowds and beautiful scenic backdrops.

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