Southern California Walking Tour

Southern California, although its boundaries aren’t exactly distinguishable, exists in a world all on its own. Here you’ll find the glamour of big cities like Los Angeles colliding with spectacular natural settings such as the one you’ll find in the Santa Ynez Valley. Sightseeing isn’t exactly an arduous task, and a Southern California walking tour is just one of many excellent ways to get out and explore.

If you’re a movie buff and you’ve come to the Los Angeles area to see the stars, a stroll through Hollywood with a fun and informative guide is a good start. You’ll see filming locations for the likes of Pretty Woman, Argo, Die Hard, and Lethal Weapon…just to name a few. You might even pick up some new celebrity gossip! If that’s not your style, head out on a Hollywood sunset walk for some incredible views of the city’s amazing skyline, as well as views of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. You’ll learn all about the area’s history in the process. For something more in-depth, a private walking tour to such places as the Warner Brothers studios and the Sony studio is possible.

To really experience the historical side of Hollywood, a local guide can take you through the golden years of the city by hanging out in old bars, speakeasies, cocktail lounges, and mobster hangouts. You’ll see the Art Deco décor and the blinking neon signs that Hollywood is famous for, all while being regaled of tales from yesteryear. Pair this with some drink tasting, and you’ve got a perfect evening!

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Southern California Walking Tour

Irina Shustrova

Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles...

Adventure, Airport Transfer, Beach, Carriage...

$480 USD

Long Beach + “Queen Mary”

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Blandina Farley

San Francisco, California, United States

Food, Lifestyle, Sightseeing, Walking

$59 USD

Chinatown & North Beach…

San Francisco, California, United States...

Sightseeing, Walking Tour



San Francisco, California, United States

Food, Heritage-History, Lifestyle...

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North Beach Food Tour

San Francisco, California, United States...

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Southern California Walking Tour Continued...

For foodies, several walking tours in Los Angeles will lead you to farmers’ markets, as well as specific neighbourhoods like Thai Town.  LA’s Original Farmers Market is a landmark for many, and home to artisan butchers, bakers, candy-makers, gourmet cheese counters, an international spice merchant endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, local celebrity chefs, and more. You’ll learn that the food culture here is very much engrained in the Southern Californian way of life.

Few people know that San Diego has an incredible wealth of sightseeing highlights. A walking tour in Southern California will take you to San Diego’s Gaslamp area, well known for its plentiful beer and wine offerings. A local can guide you to some of the best wine tastings featuring Californian wines, paired with decadent snacks. In the process, you’ll learn plenty about San Diego’s downtown history.  For example, did you know the Gaslamp area was home to 120 brothels at one point?

For something completely different, a walking tour around Catalina Island is a must-do. You’ll try foods from six different tasting locations, including local favourites like Steve’s Steakhouse and Mr. Ning’s Chinese Garden. You’ll stroll the beautiful waterfront and explore downtown Avalon, while becoming culturally immersed in your surroundings, thanks to your informative guide.

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