Sightseeing Iceland

Sightseeing in Iceland is a lot more dynamic than one might assume. It is the second largest European island after Great Britain with a plethora of volcanos, glaciers and hotsprings and it also has 30 minor Icelandic islands that make for great sightseeing with their puffin colonies and crystal clear lakes. There’s more than enough for people of any age and level of adventurousness to enjoy.

Besides Iceland’s signature turquoise hot springs and and ice-blue glaciers, what makes the island so captivating is its geological activity: Iceland has about 130 volcanic mountains, of which 18 have erupted since humans first settled there around 900 AD. And there’s still evidence of that activity – in fact, one geyser named Strokkur erupts every 5-10 minutes! Irrefutably, Iceland is one of the top places to visit if you’re a sightseer, especially if you enjoy mountain landscapes, geothermal caves and quaint, colourful villages.

Environment aside, what makes this country a top sightseeing destination is the quality of Iceland’s sightseeing tour guides. They know exactly what constitutes a successful adventure, even if it’s just a mellow tour of various hot spring resorts, and they are sure to incorporate humour, enthusiasm, expertise and safety onto every one of their trips. Sightseeing Iceland can be done in a variety of ways from walking tours to 4WD tours or even horseback treks! Some guides will use them to transport visitors to and from landmarks, in and out of grassy valleys, and up and down rustic mountains. And rest assured that if you’re new to horseback riding, the guides have you covered: their horses are experienced, exceptionally well-behaved, and thoroughly trained. Even those who fear horses can’t help but fall in love with the ones used on sightseeing Iceland tours!

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Sightseeing Iceland

Helga Ingeborg Hausner

Isafjordur, Iceland

Heritage-History, Sightseeing, Walking

8.500kr ISK

Ísafjörður Walk

Take an interesting journey through time in the unique, small town of Isafjordur, Iceland. The unusually well-preserved city center dates from the 19th century and still reflects it's charmi…


Ragnar Baldvinsson

Reykjavik, Lake Mývatn, Iceland

4WD, Adventure, Hiking Trekking...

$180 USD

Mývatn Lava Fields and…

Lake Mývatn, Iceland, Iceland

Sightseeing, Walking Tour


Marcelo Guimaraes

Reykjavik, Iceland


Custom Price

Discover Scandinavia Tours

Reykjavik, Iceland, Iceland



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And let’s not forget Iceland’s delicious cuisine: after a day of sightseeing around the Mývatn area, for example, you can go to a bakery that serves local Geysir bread baked in the geothermal area of the ground. Warm, fresh-baked bread after a day of exploring snowcapped mountains and huge craters and caves? Nothing sounds better.

Whether you’re looking to go sightseeing in Iceland on a 7-day tour, or on one that only lasts a few hours, guides can design the perfect trip for you. And a memorable one at that. Get in touch with your inner adventurer and book a Icelandic sightseeing guide today.

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