Sightseeing Czech Republic

If you’re in the market for an authentic, old-European sightseeing experience, the Czech Republic is the place for you. It’s a landlocked country in Central Europe that is bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland, and includes the historical territories of Bohemia, Moravia, and Czech Silesia. Sightseeing here will transport you back in time, to an era of romance and unspoiled beauty.

Known officially as the “Lands of the Bohemian Crown” since the 14th century, the Czech Republic is a top destination for sightseeing. It boasts four beautiful national parks, countless historical sites (did you know that archaeologists have found evidence of prehistoric human settlements that date back to the Paleolithic era!?), and landscapes that filmmakers travel far and wide to get to.  The Czech city of Karlovy Vary, for one, was used as a location for Casino Royale, the James Bond film released in 2006.

In addition to the Czech Republic being so traditional and unspoiled in its beauty, the country is prime for the Europe-infatuated sightseer because it boasts an impressive music scene — the country’s music has its roots in more than 1,000-year-old sacred songs. Theatre in the Czech Republic also has roots that date back to the Middle Ages, and in the 19th century, theatre was key in the national awakening movement. The country is also known worldwide for its individually made and decorated, mouth-blown art glass and crystal, and has a spectacular art scene. What’s more, as a sightseer who builds up a ravenous appetite exploring the country’s breath-taking sites, in the Czech Republic, you can refuel with the local cuisine that has a strong emphasis on hearty meat dishes.

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Sightseeing Czech Republic

Borek Seehák

Poprad, Bohemia, Prešov Region...

Adventure, Bird Watching, Hiking Trekking...

€480 EUR

UNESCO Towns of Czech Republic

This private tour will take us to beautiful and still little known corners of central Europe. You will have a great opportunity to see fascinating places like impressive large meadows with m…


Peter Sykora

Prague, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire, Sightseeing

$20 USD

Dark Shadows of the Old Town

Prague, Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire Tour, Sightseeing


Peter Sýkora

Prague, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire, Sightseeing

$18 USD

Dark Shadows Old Town

Prague, Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Ghost or Vampire Tour, Sightseeing


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Sightseeing Czech Republic Continued...

Sightseeing guides in the Czech Republic will fill you with invaluable information on everything from the history of the Prague Castle to the traditional workings of the iconic Charles Bridge, but while in the Czech Republic, also be sure to dip (or delve!) into the beer scene. Czech beer has a long and important history — the first brewery existed in 1118, and since the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world, you better believe the Czechoslovakians know how to drink it the right way. Besides the famous Pilsner-style beer that originated in the western Bohemian city of Plzeň, while sightseeing, check out the growing number of top quality small breweries and mini-breweries; these beer paradises are seeking to continue the tradition of quality and taste, and although they are small and less heard of, their output matches the best in the world.

With so much to do and so little time, don’t hesitate a moment longer to book your sightseeing trip to the Czech Republic: Eager guides await your arrival…as does crisp beer!

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