Sightseeing Croatia

Sightseeing Croatia entails more than just beaches and crystal clear waters that relax your body and clear your mind; at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean, the Republic of Croatia offers a staggering number of unspoiled islands, as well as stunning mountain ranges, lakes, waterfalls, nature reserves, and historical sites (for such a small country, it’s impressive that UNESCO inscribed seven sites in Croatia on the World Heritage List).

Sightseeing guides in Croatia eagerly share their wisdom on the unique country’s culture, heritage and history, all of which makes clear just why the republic is ranked as the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world. Owing to Croatia’s rich and unpolluted naturalistic territory, it is no wonder that over one million sightseeing enthusiasts like yourself who visit the country are involved with naturism, an industry that Croatia is world famous for. After all, the country has a whopping 116 Blue Flag beaches, which means that 116 beaches in Croatia meet the FEE’s high standards for water quality and safety. The result: some pretty unbeatable seaside sightseeing.

If you like interesting villages, quaint family-run hotels, unique restaurants and good food (arguably some of the best in the world!), incredible walks, and deep caves ripe for exploring, Croatia is the sightseeing destination for you. Sightseeing guides will ensure you enjoy a wide variety of activities tailored to your ability, fitness and interests. Nobody it too young or old, able or unable.

With vacation on the mind, don’t wait a moment longer to book your sightseeing guide in Croatia; not only do eager guides await your arrival, but so do the Plitvice lakes, a system of 16 lakes with waterfalls connecting them over dolomite and limestone cascades (they’re known for their distinctive colors, including turquoise and mint green), the charming architecture that is influenced by Austria, Hungary and Vienna, the large age-old squares named after culture heroes, and the well-manicured parks, not to mention the mouth-watering seafood sautéed in ample local olive oil and garlic.

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Sightseeing Croatia

Vesna Lukic

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sightseeing, Walking

€25 EUR

Dubrovnik Walking Tour

''Those who seek paradise should visit Dubrovnik'' George Bernard Shaw once said. Old Mediterranean jewel encircled by strong defense wall whose beauty never fades used to be strong city-rep…


Daniel Knezevic

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Heritage-History, Sightseeing

$15 USD


Dubrovnik, Croatia, Croatia

Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing


Robert Bralic

Split, Croatia

Car, Sightseeing

Custom Price

Medieval Themed Tour

Split, Croatia, Croatia

Car Tour, Sightseeing


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Sightseeing Croatia Continued...

For all the aforementioned reasons, sightseeing in Croatia deserves to top the list of your must-dos, but it’s also worth booking your guide now because the country boasts two distinct wine-producing regions that will surely become your new favorites. Plus, since Croatia represents a blend of four different cultural spheres (the Western Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Mitteleuropa, and the Mediterranean culture), there is no shortage of fun facts to learn, facts that Croatia’s sightseeing guides know in mass quantity.

Croatia’s thousands of islands and highest peaks are worth any distance of travel, but, more than that, the country is worth visiting because, well, it’s the birthplace of the necktie, and anyplace that invented that dapper piece of attire is a place worth touring.

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