Sightseeing Brazil

As the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region, Brazil is a hotspot for sightseeing; between the music, dance, art and scenery, there’s so much to see that one could never get tired of anything Brazilian. Sightseeing tours in Brazil reflect the country’s diversity: guides offer trips in the form of art walks, beach tours, cave tours, cultural tours, favela tours, heritage-history tours, museum tours, shore excursions, and walking tours. Rest assured that in Brazil, there’s something for anyone of any age and any ability.

Both by geographical area and population, Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world, and while you’d think they’d speak Brazilian, they actually speak Portuguese. And the surprises don’t stop there: Brazil is home to an estimated four million plant and animal species, which includes the likes of pumas and jaguars, sloths and armadillos, anteaters and monkeys, as well as the red-bellied piranha, which may sound like a ferocious freshwater fish, but, on the whole, is actually a timid scavenger.

Adventure-oriented sightseers rejoice: Brazilian topography is also diverse and includes hills, mountains, plains, highlands, and scrublands that are phenomenal to play in. In fact, statistically, natural areas are Brazil’s most popular feature: most tourists visit the area for the sun and beach!

But beaches at Rio de Janeiro only compliment Brazil’s other outstanding offerings. For example, sightseeing in Brazil wouldn’t be complete without paying ode to the country’s music scene, especially when samba, Brazil’s characteristic sound since the late eighteenth century, is on the UNESCO cultural heritage list!

Sightseeing guides in Brazil will fill your minds with all sorts of fascinating information pertaining to their colorful country, and during breaks, they’ll also take you to where you can try some incredible local food. While the average Brazilian meal consists mostly of rice and beans with beef and salad, fried potatoes, fried cassava, fried banana, fried meat and fried cheese are also commonly eaten midday. The point here is that sightseeing in Brazil goes beyond visual attractions — amazing experiences extend into indulging in the local food.

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Sightseeing Brazil

Emel Mangel

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Art Walk, Car, Eco, Favela, Heritage-History...

$220 USD

Oscar Niemeyer in Niterói

Brazil’s great national architect, advocate of both tropical lightness in living and monumental state buildings, didn’t only plan and shape Brazil’s capital Brasília, he left his trac…


Gisela Vayda

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Car, Sightseeing

Custom Price

Full Day Tour

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

Car Tour, Sightseeing


Joshua Lacruz

Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Adventure, Boat, Eco, Jungle, Kayaking...

$1100 USD

Rio Negro River Trip 4D/3N

Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, Brazil

Boat Tour, Sightseeing


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Sightseeing Brazil Continued...

Brazil may continue to get more and more colorful, but that’s no reason to wait to tackle the stunning sites. With so much to see, we recommend you get started now; this way, you can keep going back for more and more sun, more and more beach, more and more samba, and more and more fried bananas! Don’t wait a moment longer: book your sightseeing guide in Brazil now!

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