Car Tours in Australia

Covering a massive 7.6 million square kilometres, there is plenty of ground to be covered when visiting Australia. Whether you’re after endless beaches, sophisticated cities or outback adventures, Australia won’t disappoint. But taking a private car tour in Australia will save you the leg work and allow you to see the best destinations and hidden gems in the nick of time. If you’re after a relaxing getaway, sightseeing adventure, or just a guided airport transfer, your private driver will take care of the details so you can focus on having a good time.

Australia lures travelers from right across the globe for its sandy beaches and laid back way of life. The living is easy, the sunsets are dazzling, and the jokes flow as freely as the beer. It’s also a place of extremes – arid outback deserts dominate the country’s centre, while vibrant, buzzing cities are dotted around its borders.

Taking a private car tour will show you the Aussie way of life in a fraction of the time that you could cover on your own. You’ll also escape the crowds, have the option to tailor your town tour, and have an adventure on your own watch. Take a scenic coastal drive, stretch your legs at one of the many national parks, or take a guided tour up to the spectacular Blue Mountains. Tasmania is also worth the visit, boasting some of the most magical spots in Australia. Your private driver will take you on a tour of the island’s finest, from unspoiled landscapes, striking heritage sites and countless national parks.

Australia’s array of activities as diverse as its landscapes, but taking a private car tour will allow you to make the most of your time on your next adventure. Whether you’re after a mountain retreat, beachside getaway or an outback adventure, there’s a tour guide ready to take you there.

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Car Tours in Australia


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Car, Lifestyle, Sightseeing, Wine

$320 USD

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Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, Australia

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Airport Transfer, Car, Sightseeing

$99 USD

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