New Zealand Wine Tours

How do you get to know someone better? Why, you enjoy a glass of wine with them, of course. And the same applies to countries. Wine tours are a super (and super sophisticated!) way to learn more about New Zealand’s culture and climate.

Wine tours in New Zealand are plentiful; after all, the lush island located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean boasts 10 major wine growing regions. Sure, less than 1% of the world’s wine is produced here, but, thanks to New Zealand’s maritime climate and pure air, the country offers incredible variety and superior quality.

Sauvignon Blanc is New Zealand’s original pride in the wine world, but wine tours up and down the country’s expansive coastline will show you everything from Bordeaux-style blends and Syrah (both produced in Hawke’s Bay and the northland) to Pinot Noir and Riesling (produced in the southerly regions).

Whether you’re looking for the zing of Sauvignon Blanc (in New Zealand, this variety is purported to assail the senses with anything from red bell pepper and gooseberry to fresh cut grass and lime), or the complex fruitiness of Merlot, New Zealand’s wine tours offer a little bit of everything with a massive amount of quality and luxury.

New Zealand wine tour guides have impressive knowledge of their country’s wineries and vineyards, and eagerly share their passion for New Zealand’s delicious wines with guests from all over the world. And you can be one of them. To discover this hidden gem of a wine producer, simply hire one of New Zealand’s wine tour guides, many of whom know the vineyard owners personally, giving you a unique, more intimate wine tour experience.

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New Zealand Wine Tours

John Barry

Wellington, North Island, New Zealand

Lifestyle, Private, Sightseeing, Wine

$170 USD

Martinborough Wine Tour

Departing Wellington in the morning, we will travel over the Rimutukas to the Martinborough wine region. Setting a leisurely pace, we pass through the Hutt Valley and on move on to the Rimut…


Christine Gisby

Auckland, Waiheke Island, North Island...

Lifestyle, Wine

$94 USD

Sightseeing and Wine Tasting

Auckland, North Island, New Zealand...

Lifestyle, Wine Tour


Karen Walshe

Blenheim, South Island, New Zealand

Lifestyle, Wine

Custom Price

Deluxe Full Day Guided Biking…

Blenheim, South Island, New Zealand...

Lifestyle, Wine Tour


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While exploring New Zealand’s special vineyards, you may be accompanied by a wine tour guide who has tasted each wine from the Wairarapa wine region to the Alexandra Basin many times. With such high quality, and such beautiful lands, wine-tasting on wine tours in New Zealand never gets old; there’s always a new flavor to enjoy.

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