New Zealand Boat Tours

Taking a boat tour is a refreshing approach to sightseeing, and reveals wonders that just can’t be experience the same from shore. From its countless lakes, to the oceans that surround it, New Zealand boat tours truly show a very different side of itself when viewed from a boat tour.

Taking a boat tour in New Zealand lets you explore the dramatic bays, islands, beaches that line its coasts. Boat tours are the best way to discover North Island’s beautiful Whangaroa Harbour. Being on the water lets you experience its towering rock cliffs, waterfalls, and a variety of forest types. Your guide will show you the remote outer reaches only accessible by foot or boat. The unique volcanic geology make this tour an exhilarating experience. Your New Zealand boat tour guide will also be able to tell you about the region’s long history.

Of course, boat tours in New Zealand aren’t only ocean-focused. The country is known for its many pristine lakes, including Lake Tarawera on North Island. A popular fishing and recreation area, the large lake is also rich in history. It was the home of the Tuhourangi people prior to 1886, until the eruption of Mount Tarawera changed everything. You can hire a boat tour guide who is actually a descendant of the Tuhourangi tribe and who has a unique connection with the area.

Your boat guide can take you to thermal pools for a relaxing bath, and to Hot Water Beach, where geothermal action drives hot water streams out of the earth, making the sand warm enough to cook a freshly caught trout.

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Boat Tours in New Zealand

Karen Walmsley

North Island, New Zealand

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Tarawera Falls

Following the 1886 Tarawera Eruption the river outlet from Lake Tarawera was blocked by volcanic ash which took some 3 years to find its way clear. The result was the creation of a whirl poo…


Tony Foster

Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand

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Discover Whangaroa Harbour

Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand...

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Jane-Maree Holmes

South Island, New Zealand

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Full Day Sail

South Island, New Zealand, New Zealand

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Whether your boat tour is on the ocean or a lake, you’ll not only see the stunning, out-of-this-world scenery, but you learn about the area’s history, and each body of water’s distinct ecosystem and biodiversity of animal and plant life.

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