New York Heritage & History Tours

Take a step back in time and experience the rich history of New York on a guided history tour. Uncover secrets behind New York’s dynamic metropolis, learn the finer points of the state’s architecture and culture, and learn extraordinary stories that shaped modern society. Taking a history tour in New York state will not only open your eyes to places and events that shaped the nation, but you will also get your share of sightseeing and discover the city like a local.

From its early colonial history to its vibrant neighbourhoods, there is much of New York to be discovered. The small town of Red Hook is a great place to start, with a history dating back some 400 years when it became one of the first Dutch settlements in Brooklyn. Once the point where ships from across the globe made their way to New York City, it was also one of the biggest and most frequented ports in the world. Coney Island is another historical gem that holds fascinating stories of aeons past. Guided history tours will share anecdotes of the city’s history, including stories of how it became coined as the ‘nickel empire’ back in the late 1800s.

The heart of New York City also has its share of heritage sites waiting to be explored. Wander past 19th century Victorian Gothic-style churches in Washington Square Park, stroll through Abingdon Square Park and discover why it’s named on behalf of an English earl. Guided tours will also uncover New York state’s eclectic and diverse array of art, music, theatre and culture.

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New York Heritage & History Tours

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Whether you’re a local or first timer to New York, guided history tours will introduce you to America’s fascinating past and show you the sites with a smile. Tour guides will also share anecdotes that will ignite your imagination and make you feel like you’re living the history books.

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