Museum Tours in Italy

It would be difficult indeed to find a European country richer in museums than Italy. With more than 400 state-owned museums, and in excess of 4300 other public and private museums on record, there is truly a museum offering something for everyone!

If your interest lies in touring the museums of art, archeology and history for which Italy is most famous, like the Uffizi Gallery of Florence housing many works of Italy’s Renaissance masters, or the Accademia Gallery, where you can bathe in the beauty and mystery of Michelangelo’s sculptures, using an experienced guide can turn an interesting day in Italy in to an amazing interactive learning experience you will never forget.

And don’t think that the term “museum” means you’ll be stuck inside a stuffy and musty old building with your guide, because in Italy the museum experience can include archaeological sites, churches, historical castles, villas, gardens and monuments. With a guide focused on taking care of all the logistical details, your time in these incredible places is focused instead on drinking in the splendor of Italy and marveling at the many wonders you will encounter.

You can be treated to the full VIP guided experience, skipping the infamously long line-ups to the Vatican Museums, and including tours of the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, because you won’t want to waste a single moment of your precious vacation time in Italy.

And the museum tour guides are not only thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and passionate about Italy and its rich history; they each bring their own unique talents to bear on the guided tours they offer. For example, current guides offering museum tours include an art historian, a theologian, an art critic and consultant among them, and most boast at least a decade of guide experience.

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Museum Tours in Italy


Rome, Lazio, Italy

Museum, Sightseeing, Vatican

$650 USD

Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's

Admire the streets of Rome on your way to the Vatican, where you will meet your private Vatican guide. Skip the long line thanks to your pre-reserved entrance. Proceed to the Sistine Chape…


Vanessa Vettori

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Museum, Sightseeing

$145 USD

Galleria Degli Uffizi

Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Italy

Museum Tour, Sightseeing


Tiziana Gargaro

Rome, Vatican City, Lazio, Italy

Art, Museum, Private, Sightseeing, Walking

€210 EUR

Tour Privado – Museos…

Vatican City, Lazio, Italy, Italy

Museum Tour, Sightseeing, Walking Tour


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So don’t hesitate to book a tour with a highly qualified museum tour guide in Italy – the collected works and wonders of Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael await your arrival!

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