Maine Fishing-Hunting

Maine is more than just lobster (although lobster isn’t so bad either). Maine’s famous for the luxurious dish…and many other things besides. Here, lighthouses dot the coastline, cities like Portland invite people with their plentiful craft breweries, and Acadia National Park is a beacon for outdoorsy folks. It just makes sense to do a Maine fishing-hunting trip – there’s an abundance of wildlife, and you’ll see some spectacular natural beauty in the process. While many hunting trips depend on the season, you’ll find opportunities for hunting and fishing year-round in Maine.

For your Maine adventure, first you’ll have to figure out what kind of game you’d like to hunt or fish. There’s a lot to choose from: land lock salmon, bass, turkey, bear, salmon, moose, sea ducks, deer, lobster, and more. Take a jetboat into one of Maine’s pristine waterways to follow the indigenous land lock salmon, which have been around since the glacier age. This is a great early springtime activity, when the ice melts off the lake and signals the fish feeding cycle. Try some ice fishing – sip on hot chocolate in a fishing shelter while waiting for your ice fishing traps to entice some lake trout or salmon. If that’s not your thing, small mouth bass fishing with spinning or fly-fishing gear is a great option. Even if you’re a beginner, or if you’re travelling with children, this makes an ideal trip.

When it comes to hunting, turkey hunting is one of the fastest growing hunting attractions in Maine. With an experienced guide, take your Maine fishing-hunting journey deep into the wilderness to find some of the state’s best backcountry opportunities. You’ll learn new hunting techniques and practices along the way as well. You can also try some sea duck hunting on the Penobscot Bay, where sea duck hunting is one of the most popular types of hunts in the area. Even if you’re new, beginners and families are welcome.

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Capt. Richard Alan Yvon

Bangor, Bradford, Maine, United States

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$225 USD

Maine Ice Fishing

This all-inclusive ice fishing adventure will transport you to a frozen wonderland and welcome you into a warm ice house. Learn how to set up and tend to traps and spend a day outside with s…


Casey Mowers

Bowdoinham, Sebec, Maine, United States

Fishing, Fishing-Hunting, Hunting

$175 USD

Turkey Hunting

Bowdoinham, Maine, United States...

Fishing-Hunting, Hunting


Captain Mike Jancovic

Portland, Maine, United States

Fishing, Fishing-Hunting

Custom Price

Night Fishing

Portland, Maine, United States...

Fishing, Fishing-Hunting


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Would you rather go bigger? Try snaring some Maine black bears in Stockton Springs. You’ll use a one-foot snare at a bait site, all under the care of someone who knows the area well. Deer hunting is also a popular sport in Maine, with some excursions lasting up to a week long. You’ll be provided with full guide services, a lesson in effective hunting techniques, and even transportation. There’s so much forested area in Maine, you’ll have ample opportunity to hunt big and mature bucks, as well as whitetail deer. Hunting moose also makes for a fun and exciting challenge, because although these animals are much larger than deer, they’re often harder to come across. Trophy hunting is a great way to see more of Maine’s vast wilderness.



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