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Kenya is practically built for adventure lovers. Located on the equator and framed by the Indian Ocean, Kenya is home to stunning natural wonders like the Rift Valley and Mount Kenya. Here you’ll find endless plots of farmland, wooded savannas, and unique wildlife viewing opportunities. If you want to experience the real beauty of Kenya, opt for a guided Kenya hiking trekking adventure.

Climbing Mount Kenya is no easy feat. To do it properly, you’ll need at least a three to five days to make it happen. It’s a good idea to let your body adjust to the altitude slowly. There are several different routes to the top, so be sure to plan which route you’d prefer beforehand. On the dry side of the mountain start near Nanyuki and work your way up. You’ll find a pleasant trail that winds up through the forest and then onto a wide ridge. There are several highlights to look out for along the way, including crossing the Ontulili River, and seeing Mackinders Valley.

Some people find Mount Kenya to be a harder hike than Kilimanjaro. But if that’s not good enough for you, Hell’s Gate National Park is a haven for rock climbers. The sheer cliff face is excellent for experienced climbers and abseiling enthusiasts. Fischer’s Tower tends to be the most popular climbing rock, and is a large volcanic pillar.

To get off the beaten path, seek Mount Elgon. With its dramatic peaks and its tall caldera, the area is also rife with forests, springs, and caves. It’s best to take a Kenya hiking trekking guide with you into this territory – Mount Elgon is known for unpredictable weather, and the temperature can be brutal in the evenings. For something less challenging (but equally remote), Loroghi Hills is a great place to observe the Rift Valley. The highest peak is Poror Peak, standing at 2580 metres high. You’ll pass beautiful moorlands along the way.

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When it comes to forest hikes, Kenya has no shortage of those either. Aberdare Forest has many well-marked trails, and is home to the Karuru Falls. From here you can also see Gura Falls, and Chania falls. You can go swimming in the pools here, but the waters are cold! It’s also possible to see Mount Kenya from here. For a more leisurely forest walk, Kakamega is highly recommended. The forest here is lush and untouched, and you’ll get to see many exotic animals and birdlife. To do it all safely, hire a guide.

While it’s impossible to cover all of Kenya’s beautiful terrain, Menengai Crater offers a different perspective on the country. You can walk the rim of the volcanic crater, overlooking Nakuru town. Whatever route you choose to do, you won’t soon forget about Kenya.

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