Japan Heritage-History Tours

From the Silk Road to the traditional wooden homes of the famous Geishas, Japan is full of heritage & history tours and cultural treasures for those who want to be fully immersed in the Japanese experience. Whether you’re interested in exploring a Zen rock garden or sampling the world’s best sushi, hiring a cultural tour guide is the best way to gain some understanding of what makes Japan tick.

Kyoto is one of the most culturally fascinating cities in Japan. From here your guide can take you on a sightseeing mission to visit the Golden Pavilion, as well as the Ryoanji temples. Don’t forget to explore the Yasaka pagoda, and the stunning Nijo castle. Foodies are invited to try some okonomi-yaki, a local pancake with ingredients ranging from cabbage to seafood. Explore the old part of the city, or simply ask your guide to take you somewhere special on your heritage tour. If you’re lucky, you might even get a private Samurai show from a real warrior. You’ll be dazzled by the sword skills!

To explore some of the less touristy options, take a heritage & history tour in Osaka, Nara, or Kobe, which were all once combined with Kyoto to be Japan’s capital. Now each area is rich in history and landmarks, and includes several UNESCO world cultural heritage sites.

Koyasan is also a UNESCO site, and attracts a number of people who prefer a little peace and tranquility from the hustle and bustle of the big Japanese cities. A guide here can introduce you to gourmet vegetarian cuisine at various temples, as well as important sites like the Buddhist museum of Reikhokan and the temple of Koyasan Shingon Esoteric Buddhism. When you’re ready to explore the treasures real Japan, a cultural tour is the way to do it.

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Heritage-History Tours in Tokyo and Japan

Joe Okada

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

Heritage-History, Sightseeing, Walking

$295 USD

Semi Private Cool Kyoto Walking Tour

Kyoto was the second capital of Japan from 794-1868 with 72 Emperors and 3 Shoguns legacy. There are so many hidden and interesting items in this town. Samurai guide, Joe Okada will introd…


Tomoko Yoshihara

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

Heritage-History, Sightseeing

$25 USD

Highlights of Kyoto Custom…

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan, Japan

Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing


Mayumi Otsuji

Kyoto, Osaka, Kyoto, Osaka, Japan

Heritage-History, Sightseeing, Walking

$400 USD

Kyoto Golden Tour

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan, Japan

Heritage-History Tour, Sightseeing


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