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Of all the Caribbean islands, Jamaica easily wins the title for most unique. Thanks to its distinct Rastafarian culture paired with lush jungle landscapes and sprawling sandy beaches, Jamaica is an intriguing destination for anyone looking for a combination of sun, fun, and culture. And its beauty is surreal: waterfalls, lagoons, endless seascapes, you name it. While visiting, it’s vital to get acquainted with Jamaica nature.

When visiting Jamaica, it’s important to discover one of Jamaica’s national treasures: Dunn’s River Falls. They’ve been a tourist attraction since the 18th century, and reach to heights of 600 feet tall. The falls are continuously rebuilt from sodium and calcium carbonate deposits in the river, making it a terraced waterfall, and making it one of the few waterfalls on the planet that empties straight into the ocean.  You can walk along the steps formed by naturally chiseled rocks and take a relaxing swim in the small pools along the way. There’s also a natural lagoon at the bottom.

For such a small country, Jamaica has a great deal of waterfalls. Be sure to check out Turtle River Falls on your Jamaica nature excursion, located in stunning Ochos Rios. This whole area is situated on nearly 20 acres of lush vegetation, and has over 14 waterfalls. While here, take the time to learn about the variety of plant life and wildlife, and their roles in the rainforest. Take a walk through the gardens as well, where you’ll see the Lady Jane Pool, the Ooh-Aah water falls, Brains Falls, and Bromeliad Garden. The Jamaicans are quite creative with their names!

In the Parish of Westmoreland, visit Blue Hole Mineral Spring located just 25 minutes from Negril. It has a cavernous opening and is completely encased by Karst limestone. The Mayfields Falls are also worth exploring. Visit famous YS Falls in the Parish of St. Elizabeth, where you’ll see waterfalls surrounded by lush gardens and magnificent trees. Visit the Appleton Estate in the picturesque Nassau Valley, and then move onwards to Black River, Jamaica’s largest wetland area where you may even come across the endangered American Crocodile. And of course there is an endless supply of white, sparkling beaches in the area, including the Seven Mile Beach where you can relax in the sun, eat some Jamaican patties, down some beers, or try your hand at some watersports.

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Dwight Soares

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Nature, Waterfall

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Dunn's River Falls from Montego Bay

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Kingston, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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Kingston, Negril, Montego Bay…

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Negril, Jamaica

Nature, Waterfall, Wildlife Safari

$150 USD

Parish of Westmoreland

Negril, Jamaica, Jamaica

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Jamaica Nature Continued...

Did you know that Jamaica even has mountains? The Blue and John Crow Mountains are both listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites for their cultural and natural heritages. Blue Mountain is also where the famous coffee is grown — you’ve likely heard of it. As a visitor to Jamaica, you’re welcome to tour the mountains and coffee plantations while taking in the history, scenery, and flora.

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