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Jamaica is the jewel of the Caribbean – a distinctly cultured island in the middle of paradise. There’s a special spirit in Jamaica that’s unrivalled by any other Caribbean island, and it’s reflected in the country’s reggae music, the local food, and in the people themselves. But when you want to explore a different side of Jamaica, it’s time to get to know the country’s lush jungle landscapes and tropical beautiful. A Jamaica hiking trekking trip is just the ticket.

If there’s one thing that Jamaica has in abundance, it’s waterfalls. Beautiful waterfalls are scattered all around the country, and sometimes the best ways to see them is on foot. Tucked away in the mountain rainforest, you’ll find Blue Hole Secret Falls. A Jamaica hiking trekking tour can take you straight to them – between Ocho Rios and St Mary. Feel free to cool off by taking a nice dip in one of the natural pools, or swinging from a rope into the water. There is an upper falls area, which you can discover after a short hike through the forest, along the rushing river. Once you’re there, and if you’re feeling brave enough, you can jump from the top waterfall! With time permitting, you can also do some tubing down the river. These falls are also known as Island Gully Falls.

Jamaica even has mountains, and the Blue Mountain Peak Trail is one of the most popular routes. Although it’s only a short trail at 5.6 kilometres, you’ll still get to enjoy Jamaica’s highest peak and all the scenery along the way. As the name suggests, this mountain is home to Jamaica’s famous Blue Mountain Coffee. On the North Western part of the island, Cockpit Country offers some more challenging routes, thanks to the hilly terrain. There are two historical trails especially worth checking out: The Troy Trail, and The Quick Step Trail. Since these aren’t typical routes, hiring a local guide is a great idea. Bring a camera – you won’t want to pass up some photography of the gorgeous sights along the way.

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Island Gully Falls Hike

Go hiking to one of Jamaica's most beautiful swimming holes - the Island Gully Falls! With blue waters and sun, you'll be glad you went; and you'll see for yourself why it's also called the…


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Did you know that in Jamaica, you could ride a camel? Yep, you can hike through the trees and local vegetation to arrive at Camel Park, where camel trainers will brief you on each camel’s history. And they do have histories! Get to know your camel by hugging him or her, and taking photos. Once the camel is used to you, hop onboard for a smooth ride along the countryside. You’ll also have the chance to grab a bicycle and ride down the sloping hills of Jamaica before heading to Reggae Beach for a swim in the warm Caribbean Sea.

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