Italy Walking Tours

Put your walking shoes on, lace up, and explore Italy at the perfect pace by hiring an Italy walking tours guide. There’s no better country for walking tours than Italy. Whether you are exploring its famous cities or its charming towns and villages, hiring a walking tour guide in Italy will make it easy.

One of the pleasures of Italian cities is how rich and dense they are – many of them so full of sights and delights that their historic cores are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites – making them perfect for walking tours that let you move from sight to sight easily by foot. Whether it’s getting the most from Florence in a one-day walking tour or discovering the “real” Rome in a walking tour that includes a visit to an open-air market, your feet are often the best transport to explore the towns and cities of Italy.

That said, walking tours that aim to cover a lot of ground will often include other modes of transport – from car to coach to boat – so you can focus your walking on the best parts!

Walking tours in Italy let you enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of a place, and give you a perspective you just can’t get from a bus or car. Your walking tour guide can show you the best routes through the medieval labyrinths of many historic centers, so you can experience the pleasure of getting “lost” with a guide who always knows the way back.

Instead of fiddling with maps, let your tour guide lead you through the cities and towns of Italy – and they will also lead you through the history, food, legends, and inhabitants of the place. Whether it’s a tour that makes the ancient city of Pompeii come back to life again, or a guide you introduces you to the alleyways of Venice that most visitors miss, walking tours let you experience Italy the way its locals do: Slowly.

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Walking Tours in Italy

Caroline Nobile

Aeolian Islands, Amalfi Coast, Bari...

Adventure, Cooking, Hiking Trekking...

€3475 EUR

Amalfi the Coast of Emotions

On our small group walking tour to Amafi we visit an area of sensational coastal scenery of limestone cliffs, serpentine roads and terraced lemon groves with famous towns like Amalfi, Posita…


Emiliano Tufano

Herculaneum, Pompeii, Campania, Italy

Heritage-History, Sightseeing, Walking

€280 EUR

Pompeii Tour: 4 hours

Pompeii, Campania, Italy, Italy

Sightseeing, Walking Tour


Valeria La Rosa

Taormina, Catania, Sicily, Italy

Sightseeing, Walking

€30 EUR

Catania Walking Tour

Catania, Italy, Italy

Sightseeing, Walking Tour


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