Italy Religious Tour

Italy is rooted in religion. Christianity is at the very heart of Italian culture, and indeed the Catholic Church was founded here. Since the time of ancient Rome, Italy has been all about belief.  While all religions are welcomed and practiced in Italy, it’s Christianity that forms the country’s backbone. It’s reflected everywhere – in practically every piece of art and architecture. To truly understand life in Italy, it just makes sense to take an Italy religious tour.

Visitors need to look no further than the Vatican to see what spirituality in Italy is all about. With an experienced guide, you can learn all about the Pope’s art and archaeology collections. Your guide may have even majored in art history, and is can lead you through the Vatican Galleries. Some special items worth visiting include the paintings and the tapestries by Raphael, as well as some of the most important statues from Classical world, like Laocoon and the Belvedere Apollo. These galleries with frescoes by the Italian Renaissance artists are especially impressive. Raphael’s greatest masterpiece is here, The School of Athens. Then, of course, is the grand finale: the Sistine Chapel’s painted ceiling, by Michelangelo.

While at the Vatican, visit St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s the largest church in the world, and holds many treasures. See Michelangelo’s La Pieta, the Jubilee Holy Door, the famous bronze canopy designed by Bernini, and the interior of the highest dome in Rome. Michelangelo designed it before he died. Wrap it up in St. Peter’s Square, where pilgrims by the thousands meet every week to be blessed by the Pope.

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Niccolò Arcangeli

Rome, Lazio, Italy

Heritage-History, Religious, Sightseeing

$250 USD

The Passion of Christ

Follow the final hours of Jesus's life through the relics preserved in the churches of Rome.…


Emiliano Salvatore

Rome, Vatican City, Lazio, Italy

Religious, Sightseeing, Walking

€130 EUR

Vatican Tour

Vatican City, Lazio, Italy, Italy

Religious Tour, Sightseeing



Rome, Lazio, Italy

Architectural, Art, Car, Religious...

€160 EUR

The Jesuit Tour of Rome

Rome, Lazio, Italy, Italy

Religious Tour, Sightseeing


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If you’re in Florence, visit The Duomo (the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral). In Dome Square, watch a historical introduction movie in a private room before moving on to see the impressive cathedral, as well its terraces. From the terraces, you can see fantastic views of the entire city as far as the hills. If you’re up to, climb the Brunelleschi Dome. You can also visit the Crypt of Santa Reparata, the Baptistery, and the Campanile.

Head to the Tuscany and Umbria areas. See the beautiful hilltop town of Cortona, home to many architectural treasures. Visit Assisi, San Francesco’s birthplace, where a statue stands tall on top of a hill overlooking the valley. You can follow San Francesco and Santa Chiara’s footsteps by exploring the town’s winding roads and medieval walls. Visit the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi to see the frescoes of San Francesco’s life, as well as the Santa Maria degli Angeli church belonging to the Franciscan Order.

For something different, take a tour of Ancient Ostia, home to a vibrant city in the 2nd century AD. It’s one of the best-preserved excavations in Italy, filled with temples, theaters, and even public baths. Learn how the locals lived by visiting the remains of their warehouses, shops, and houses.

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