Italy Hiking & Trekking

There’s no question that with its stunning scenery, Italy is one of the best hiking and trekking destinations on earth. Whether you’re looking for a seaside stroll through rolling hills with beautiful views of the Mediterranean or a trekking adventure in more mountainous terrain, Italy has it all. Hiking is a great way to experience Mother Nature’s best, but if you don’t want to miss any of the great trails or sites in this amazing country, hire a hiking guide and go on a packaged tour or have them customize a hiking adventure for you.

Italian hiking and trekking guides will introduce you to the best trails in the mountains, forests, cities or seashore so that you won’t miss a thing. They’ll take you on hikes to all the best vantage points to catch stunning photographs that you will be proud to show your friends. You can go on a culture-themed hike around Rome or enjoy the spectacular alpine scenery in the majestic Dolomite mountains or Italian Alps. You can hike around the gorgeous island of Capri, explore the historic city of Pompeii with it’s perfectly preserved ash-encrusted sites or safely explore the Mt Etna or Stomboli volcanos with their lava deserts and steaming craters. Or you can hike the appropriately named “Path of the Gods” on the Amalfi Coast, which starts in Bomerano and ends near Positano, and is so named because of the incredible views it offers of the colourful cliffside towns and turquoise sea. Through it all you’ll be utterly amazed by the local hospitality, outstanding scenery, charming inns and hotels and quaint villages.

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Hiking & Trekking in Italy

Gary Scott

Dolomites, Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy

Adventure, Hiking Trekking

$3495 USD

The Dolomites Tour

Spectacular alpine scenery, outstanding walking trails for all levels, majestic Dolomite photo mountains, incredible Italian cuisine and fantastic wines. Combine this with amazing wildflower…


Stefano Meloni

Alghero, Nuoro, Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy

4WD, Adventure, Canyoneering, Climbing...

€70 EUR

Hike of S’Istrada Longa

Nuoro, Nuoro, Italy, Italy

Adventure, Hiking Trekking


Cristina Rovelli

Lake Como, Italy

Adventure, Hiking Trekking, Nature, Nature

€300 EUR

Trail Hiker “The…

Lake Como, Italy, Italy

Adventure, Hiking Trekking, Nature...


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Italy Hiking & Trekking Continued...

If you want to enjoy an adventurous multi-day hiking trek or just want an active day or half-day of walking on your trip to Italy, hire a tour guide and experience the country’s best natural highlights in style.

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