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Part of the magic of Italian food is that every region has its distinctive dishes and variations. That means there’s no one single “Italian food,” and no single place to sample it all. So the best way to discover the specialties of each region is with a food-focused tour – and to hire a guide for your Italy food tour.

With contributions from Etruscan, Jewish, ancient Greek, and ancient Roman cuisines – and contributions from new world ingredients – Italian food has a rich heritage. Your gastronomic guide can connect the dots for you, and show you why food is such a key part of Italy’s heritage and its contribution to the world.

Italians are passionate about food – and proud of their region’s culinary heritage. Your Italian food tour guide will bring you to the hidden shops, the authentic restaurants (many in operations for more than 100 years), and the most vibrant markets as they introduce you to the food of their homeland.

By avoiding the tourist traps, you’ll discover not only the best in traditional food but also be introduced to emerging neighborhoods and newer approaches to Italian cooking.

Many tours introduce you to the freshest ingredients in the local markets and include tips on recreating the classic dishes of Italy. From the markets of Rome to Venice’s Rialto market, your food tour guide will help you taste and feel the colors and sounds of the local markets as you discover some of the recipes, food, and traditions of the city, and meet the local merchants.

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Michela Bianchi

Rome, Lazio, Italy

Food, Lifestyle

$85 USD

Traditional Flavors 2

Enjoy Breakfast at one of the oldest and most famous coffee shops in the historical center of Rome, where you will learn the secrets of making a really good coffee. Then we'll visit a little…



Catania, Sicily, Italy

Food, Lifestyle, Sightseeing, Walking

$40 USD

Genuine Catania Tour

Catania, Sicily, Italy, Italy

Food Tour, Lifestyle, Sightseeing...


Giovanni Dagostino

Marche, Italy

Cultural Immersion, Food, Lifestyle

€2995 EUR

Gluten-Free Italy

Marche, Italy, Italy

Food Tour, Lifestyle


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If you really want to immerse yourself, many guides offer cooking classes as well, where you start at the market to gather the freshest ingredients, then learn to make a classic meal of the region – from antipasti to dessert – and then you get to eat it, along with a glass or two of the local wine!

Taste your way through various Italian cities, towns, and regions. Thankfully, all the walking you’ll do means you don’t have to say no to anything!

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