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Is there any country more renown for its cuisine than Italy? Probably not. The country that brought you pizza and pasta is a top destination for foodies, and although you may have some idea about what real Italian cuisine is, we can assure you there’s much, much more to discover. As a tourist, you run the risk of spending a lot of time eating in touristy places that don’t exactly feature real Italian food. But with an Italy cooking tour, you’ll learn all about not only REAL Italian food, but how to make it.

First, let’s journey to Tuscany. If you’ve heard of it, maybe you can thank Frances Mayes for writing Under the Tuscan Sun. With a local guide, meet a chef who will teach you the techniques of making pizza and gelato. In Florence, you’ll receive a quick history lesson about both foods before moving on to the actual fun stuff. Learn how to make the original Italian pizza step by step: make some flexible yeast dough, and light but tasty tomato sauce. You’ll learn how to properly stretch the dough, sauce it, and then bake it.

When it comes to making gelato, you must first know the basic raw ingredients, and how to select the best products! Italians take their gelato very seriously, after all. You will learn about how to apply colours, and how to freeze the gelato. These are definitely the kind of skills you want to bring home to your friends.

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Chef Stefano Corvucci

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Cooking, Lifestyle

$360 USD

Tagliatelle & Gnocchi

Make pasta by hand, using a 38 inch long rolling pin to create Tagliatelle & Gnocchi and learn to create the two authentic Bolognese sauces. The best way to learn is "hands-on"; we do no…


Nicola Guariglia

Amalfi Coast, Castellabate, Campania, Italy

Adventure, Boat, Charter Cruise, Cooking...

€120 EUR

Cilento Cooking Class

Castellabate, Campania, Italy, Italy

Cooking Tour, Lifestyle


Caroline Nobile

Aeolian Islands, Amalfi Coast, Bari...

Adventure, Cooking, Hiking Trekking...

€2750 EUR

Gourmet Cooking Holiday…

Tuscany, Italy, Italy

Cooking Tour, Lifestyle


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Italy Cooking Tour Continued...

Another option is to learn how to cook from Tuscan women in a small village. While having first class accommodations in the medieval hilltop town of Montefollonico, you can visit the region’s wineries and cheese makers, all while learning about the area’s historic sites. In the process, eat all the food you can handle. There’s plenty of room for indulgence in Naples.

Let your stomach guide you through Sorrento or Naples, and you’ll learn how to cook like the locals do, all while enjoying the stunning Amalfi Coast views. This Italy cooking tour tends to take place in local homes, with Italian folks who want to show you how good Italian food is done.

Ever wanted to know how to create Tagliatelle and Gnocchi? In Bologna, you can. Make pasta by hand, using a 38-inch rolling pin to create these pastas and their two most authentic Bolognese sauces. You’ll get some serious hands-on guidance – in fact, most classes will only take two people. As you create your meal, drink complimentary wine. At the end of your class, you can eat your delicious homemade meal and wash it down with some local wine. Life is good!

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