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Despite being a small country, Israel is full of diversity and allure for the everyday traveller. With its coastline on the eastern Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to the Red Sea, Dead Sea, and Aqaba, Israel has a great deal to offer. For some, it’s a religious destination full of personal fulfilment; for others, it’s a cultural and iconic destination of beauty. Whatever you seek, Israel sightseeing won’t be a disappointment.

Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital city, is surprisingly cosmopolitan. People who come here usually find themselves falling head over heels for the city, and who can blame them? This UNESCO World Heritage site offers exceptional architecture, culture, dining, and tourist attractions. Whether you’re gorging on delicious food or spending all your time stretched out on the beach, make the most of your trip. Start in Jaffa before heading to Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall. Explore Neve Tzedek, a unique neighbourhood in the city. Admire the Bauhaus Architecture on Rothschild Avenue, and then check out some of the markets. The Carmel Market is especially famous! Before your day is done, grab some coffee on Shenchin Street, also known for its fashion prowess.

For others, Jerusalem is the main destination. While you’re doing some Israel sightseeing, it’s a good idea to hire a local guide for exploring Jerusalem’s Old City – you won’t miss any interesting historical facts. Visit the City Quarters and their historic neighbourhoods, as well as the markets and various religious sites. Visiting the Dome of the Rock is a must-do since it’s one of the oldest structures of Islamic architecture. Then of course visit the Western Wall, an open-air place of prayer for thousands of people. Moving on to Bethlehem, you’ll see the Church of Nativity and Rachel’s Tomb.

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Jerusalem at Dawn Tour

Perfect for early risers or those keen to see the city without all the hustle and bustle. Take a cultural tour of Jerusalem in the early morning hours and walk through the four quarters of t…



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Bethlehem Half Day Tour from…

Jerusalem, Israel, Israel

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From Jaffa To Tel Aviv

Jaffa, Israel, Israel

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When it’s time to escape the city, hit the coast. Start in Tel Aviv and make your way along the historic port cities of Caesarea, Akko, and Haifa. Try some wine tasting on the Carmel, and explore the Phoenician coastline all the way to Rosh Haniqra. The Crusader castle of Montfort is also worth visiting – it’s situated in the forests of the Western Galilee, with some breathtaking views of the coast.

Head to Tzfat Old City, and enjoy the quaint cobblestone streets lined with silversmiths, painters, sculptors, and more. This area is known was the Artist Quarter, for obvious reasons (perhaps a great place to pick up a souvenir?). Visit Yoseph Caro Synagogue, a historic structure named after the kabbalist and scholar Yosef Caro. There’s also the Ari Synagogue, built in the memory of Rabbi Isaac Lurie. Its stunningly intricate ark tends to be the main draw here.

Go to Mount Bental, part of an extinct volcano located in the Golan Heights. Here, there’s an abandoned Israel bunker that was used to observe the entire Golan Heights region, and you’ll get some wonderful views of the area from here – including those of neighbouring Syria.

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