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Did you know that Indonesia has a whopping 17,000 islands, and that there are 300 languages spoken within the country? Such is the beauty and diversity of this large and wonderful land. Hiring a sightseeing guide in Indonesia is the way to go, especially if you want to learn a little about the country’s past and present. Only a local can provide such an experience.

When you’re in Indonesia sightseeing, some of the most popular areas to explore include Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Bali, and Lombok. Much of Indonesia’s appeal is thanks to its dramatic landscape, particularly when it comes to beaches and volcanoes. In Sumatra, for example, you’ll find almost 100 volcanoes…and many of them are still active. If you desire to go sightseeing in Indonesia, a local guide will safely show you how to get around. He or she will also be qualified to point out things you may miss along the way, whether it’s a monkey lounging in a tree or a gentle waterfall cascading over a cliff.

When it comes to beaches, it’s hard to compete with Indonesia’s offerings. In Sumbawa, you’ll find long stretches of white sand paired with bright blue ocean waters. Maybe you’ll want to try surfing at Batu Karas, in Java. Or you can spend a nice amount of time relaxing in the Karimunjawa Islands, where boat schedules sometimes merely seem like a suggestion.

Sulawesi is most famous for its crazy island regional shape, almost like a mainland with a long sandbar tail attached. Adventure seekers will love the megaliths in Lore Lindu, or they’ll appreciate the wildlife in Tangkoko. The beaches here are also incredible, and if you’re sightseeing in Indonesia, the Togean Islands are a must. The whole area is also a hub for divers and snorkelers. Clear waters and a diverse marine environment make it a good choice for doing so!

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Sightseeing in Indonesia

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And then, who can forget Bali? It’s been a tourist hub for awhile now, especially for those seeking the kind of peace and serenity you just can’t find in the western world. If you’re looking for excitement, head to Kuta. If you prefer to try your hand at surfing, try Nusa Lembongan. Rice fields and old relics, as well as active volcanoes and gorgeous mountains dominate the entire island. Be sure to check out some of the hillside temples, as well. Pura Luhur Batukau is one of the most beautiful you’ll find in Indonesia.

If you’re seeking a quieter alternative to Bali, however, Lombok is a great choice. Any guided sightseeing trip in Indonesia should include at least a few days here, so you can appreciate the sandy white beaches, the surfing communications, and the unreal natural surroundings. Hiking trails will keep you entertained for as long as you like, and you’ll appreciate the unique pattern of tobacco and rice fields on the landscape. You’ll also find Gunung Rinjani volcano here, with its famous hot springs and its jaw-dropping views.



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