Indonesia Multi-Activity Tour

In Indonesia, you can do a lot with very little money. Whether you want to explore the islands’ white sandy beaches or the active volcanoes, or even visit an island filled with komodo dragons, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Culture vultures will love Indonesian hospitality, as well as their traditional dancing, artwork, handicrafts, and of course, lots of delicious food. Maybe you want to get to know some locals; maybe you’d rather hike a mountain. No two travellers are created equal, and if you’re a flexible sort of person, you’ll wanna do everything all at once. If you’re looking to see as many unique things to do in Indonesia as possible, an Indonesia multi-activity tour is for you.

Bali is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, and as a traveller, you certainly have your travel options here. Travel to the exciting northern part of the island to hang out on Lovina Beach. This is a prime spot for diving, snorkeling, and even whale watching…or you could simply kick back and relax in the sun. The water is usually calm and warm, and the beach is safe. Then you can move on to Banjar Village, where you’ll swim at the hot springs there. It’s believed that these waters have healing powers, so soak up the experience for as long as you can. In the process, you’ll have tons of epic scenery and eye-candy and gaze at.

You can also access Munduk Waterfall from here, one of the most fabulous waterfalls in Bali. It’s located in Munduk Village, south from Singaraja, and is surrounded by exotic rural nature. Even the trail to the waterfall is filled with plantations of cloves, coffee, avocado, and other tropical fruit trees. Enjoy the view of the twin lakes: Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. If you’re a waterfall junkie, there’s also Sekumpul, the biggest waterfall in the country. Along the way you can check out a village and take photos of the rice terrace paddy in the background.

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Peter Liwu

Maumere, Indonesia

Adventure, Multi Activity, Nature, Religious...

$1500 USD

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Indonesia Multi-Activity Tour Continued...

Need something more cultural? Take a very unique Indonesia multi-activity tour to learn about how animists practice their traditional agricultural rites, from the beginning process of a ritual ceremony at the field right up until the planting and harvesting processes. You can start in Hewa village, in the east of Maumere, to attend a ritual ceremony in the middle of a field or garden, where the locals will ask for help from the Goddess of Rain. Later, you can get to know another ethnic group named Lio, around Keli Ndota.

To top it all off? Take a cruise to Komodo Island, where the famous Komodo dragon lives. These giant lizards are capable of ambushing even wild pigs, and they’ve been around for millions of years. Life is full of surprises in Indonesia!

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