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Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, with over 13,000 large and small tropical islands. What does that mean? Lots of white sandy beaches, isolated villages and towns, and some of the most stunning coastline you’ll see on the planet. Between Australia and Asia, and between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Indonesia has 215 million people from more than 200 ethnic groups. In other words, exploring is a great deal of fun! And one of the best things you can do for yourself is hire a local guide to take you on an Indonesia car tour.

Some of the best-known islands in Indonesia include Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and the Maluku Islands. Bali is considered “the world’s best island resort” and constantly entices people with its culture, beaches, music, and art. On a day trip around Bali, you can witness the Barong and Kris dance in a performance at a Balinese theatre. Your guide can take you to a local Balinese house to show you how the Balinese live, and how they build their house according to the old traditions. Then set out to see a coffee plantation, showing you how Indonesian coffee is grown and produced. Want more village life? Kintamani village will give you a stunning view of Bali’s landscape, especially its active volcano, and the lake of Batur. You can’t leave Bali without exploring some of its temples, either. Check out Holy Spring Temple at Sebatu village – you’ll learn a little about Hinduism in the process. Other temples worth exploring include Tanah Lot, Ulundanu Bratan (sitting on a lake), and the Taman Ayun temple.

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But so much life exists outside the busy areas, too. In the Balinese countryside, you can visit a traditional local market where you’ll be able to buy local handicrafts. Explore some rural villages, and allow your guide to lead you to all the best waterfalls and scenic viewpoints. You’ll also learn a little about the world heritage Jati Luwih rice field.

Outside Bali, Indonesia is rife with many unexplored islands and gorgeous mountain views, as well as rainforests, plenty of coastline, and epic surf. On an Indonesia private tour, you can embark on your own grand adventure. In Java, go hiking through a volcanic landscape that is too beautiful to describe in words. Your guide will provide local snacks and fruits for the journey, or you can go horseback riding in Bromo. You’ll also see many local plantations, and terraced fields.  You can literally tailor your vacation to suit your every whim – whether your want to relax or have fun, hike or chill out at a beach, Indonesia is just the place to do it!

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