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India can hardly be discussed in a few words; a full book wouldn’t do it justice. From the Himalayan Mountains to the tropics of Kerala, here you’ll find a land of warm and friendly people, hundreds of languages, and endless adventure. But there’s certainly one thing we can all agree on: the food is spectacular. A myriad of spices, curries, and dishes not found anywhere else in the world, the best way to experience it all is through a guided India food tour. You’ll experience what Indian cuisine is all about through the eyes of a local, and you’ll be able to do so safely.

In Delhi, the food offerings have been largely influenced by its history. The unique spirit of Delhi is attributed to its lengthy history of being the home to many different people, from all walks of life. We can see that this has certainly rubbed off on its food offerings. The cultural variations are wonderful, with influences from Europe, Asia, America, and the Mediterranean. In Old Delhi, sample street food and navigate the busy Chawri Bazaar, or Chandni Chowk. Try thick and juicy jalebis, fried potato cutlets drenched in chutney, or paranthas stuffed with potato, onion, cottage cheese, cauliflower, and more. And of course, there are the classics like fried or butter chicken. In fact, there are even opportunities to cook with local families.

One thing you’ll notice on an Indian food tour is the abundance of street food, no matter if you’re in Delhi or Bangalore or Calcutta. It’s cheap, and it’s readily available. Some of the vendors working here have been doing so for decades and have passed down the honour through generation after generation. Grilled meats, especially chicken, are easy to come by. But if you’re a vegetarian, you’re in luck as well. Some popular favourites include spicy potato curry, and many varieties of chaat.

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Food Tours in India

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While those of us living in the west are most familiar with Punjab food – curries, butter chicken, tandoori, naan bread, and more – the food landscape changes the further you move south. One must-try dish is a dosa, a large sort of “pancake” made from ground rice and stuffed with spiced potato and masala. Another is vada, a fried donut made up of a lentil and gram flour mixture. It’s a popular street food, but it’s also served in restaurants. Of course, to wash it all down, you’ll need a tall glass of Indian coffee or a milky tea heaped with sugar. This serves as a dessert and is likely to be one of the most delicious things you’ll ever try.

Remember: when eating in India, it’s proper form to eat with your right hand only. The left hand is associated with bathroom duties. And, finally, most venues have a little sink from which you can wash your hands. It’s highly recommended that you do so! Now sit back, relax, and bon appetit!



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