Hungary Walking Tours

Hungary is at the heart of Europe, serving as a sort of crossroads for multicultural influences, historical significance, and a certain exoticism. More affordable than many European countries but with all the romanticisms of the Hapsburg era, Hungary is a fascinating and beautiful place to explore. But if you go, do it the right way and hire a guide to take you on a walking tour.

You can’t come to Hungary and not spend some time in Budapest, Hungary’s stunning jewel that never fails to surprise visitors. Take a dinner cruise on the Danube River separating two sides of the city, with the Parliament Building lit up in all its glory. Visit one of two famous bathhouses, where locals and travellers alike come to mingle and soak in hot-water pools.

Try a guided walking tour combined with a sightseeing and food tour, and your guide will introduce you to Hungary in the best way possible: through your stomach! Your guide will take you into hidden bars and eateries, as well as handmade chocolate shops, and other points of interest. You’ll really get in touch with Hungarian culture by trying some of their traditional foods, such as the famous goulash dish known around the world.

After your walking tour, you might want to explore Hungary’s countryside, or the lesser known towns and cities. Did you know that you can visit the biggest Lake Balaton while in Hungary, the biggest lake in Europe? It’s a great place to take a relaxed vacation, or to enjoy some general sightseeing. In the northeast, there’s the stunning Baradla Cave in the Aggtelek National Park. The caves in this area are listed as World Heritage caves and are famous for having some of the largest stalactites on the continent.

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Hungary Walking Tours


Budapest, Hungary

Art Walk, Beer, Heritage-History, Lifestyle...

$21 USD

Fame and Fate Bauhaus and the Modern Jewry

Wandering around the modern Jewish district in Budapest you will hear the story of the modern Jewry, its fame and fate. Peek into a hidden synagogue, walk in beautiful art nouveau courtyards…


Orsolya Morvai

Budapest, Hungary

Food, Lifestyle, Private, Sightseeing...

$140 USD

Secrets of Budapest

Budapest, Hungary, Hungary

Sightseeing, Walking Tour


Daniel Draskoczy

Budapest, Hungary

Sightseeing, Walking

€45 EUR

Discover Budapest

Budapest, Hungary, Hungary

Sightseeing, Walking Tour


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