Greece Walking Tour

Most people who visit Greece find themselves returning again and again. What’s not to love? The country has it all: ancient history, vibrant culture, jaw-dropping scenery, and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And we haven’t even discussed the food – have you ever tried feta baked in a filo pastry and drizzled in honey? Put it on your bucket list.

But to fully immerse yourself, you’ll want to go sightseeing on a guided Greece walking tour. If you’ve seen the images of Greece’s winding alleyways and narrow streets, getting out there on foot is really the best option for exploring! You may choose to start out in Athens. After all, it’s the birthplace of democracy, and some of the country’s best ancient landmarks can be found here. You’ll obviously want to check out the Acropolis, where the sheer size of the place will leave you with your mouth hanging open. The Temple of Zeus is also impressive, and you’ll marvel at how these people created such structures thousands of years ago. Perhaps your guide can tell you all about it. Your guide can also take you to some more modern places, like the Acropolis Museum and the Parliament where you can watch the changing of the guards.

Just a note for comfort’s sake: Athens can be quite hilly in areas, as you’ll see while climbing the hills around the Acropolis. Wear walking shoes!

Once you’re ready to leave the city behind, get out into the islands. One of the most popular destinations is Santorini, made famous for the volcano that once wiped out the entire Minoan civilization. The dramatic caldera shape of the island is what most people come to see, as well as the iconic blue-domed churches that are clustered around the cliffs in the towns of Oia and Fira. Be sure to check out the black sand beaches around Perissa and Kamari as well, and Greece’s version of Pompeii at the Akrotiri site where a Minoan town sits preserved in volcanic ash.

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Greece Walking Tour

Diana Stefanou

Athens, Attica, Greece

Sightseeing, Walking

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Walking Tour of Athens

See some of the highlights of Athens'  finest features - architecture, monuments and statues of artistic significance. You'll come away with an insider's perspective on this great city, and…


Anna Benaki

Athens, Attica, Greece

Sightseeing, Walking

$444 USD

Athens Past and Present

Athens, Attica, Greece, Greece

Sightseeing, Walking Tour



Oia, Santorini, Greece

Sightseeing, Walking

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Oia Excursion

Oia, Santorini, Greece, Greece

Sightseeing, Walking Tour


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If you want to get away from the heavily trodden islands, places like Naxos island and Milos are worth visiting. Naxos is especially known for its ancient portara – a temple doorway that looks as if it leads to another dimension. Milos is known for its stunning coastline. Even further, moving away from the Aegean Sea and stopping by Corfu island in the Adriatic Sea is always a great idea. This island is unlike all the others, thanks to its Venetian influences. On a Greece walking tour in Corfu, you’ll explore the ancient forts around the island, like the Old Fort in Corfu Town. There are also a number of beautiful beaches awaiting your visit, and traditional villages scattered all over the place. A guide will be able to introduce you to some little-known highlights you otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.

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