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Greece sightseeing should be on everybody’s bucket list; between the natural wonders, old-age architecture, mouthwateringly delicious food and rich culture, and the Southern European country officially known as the Hellenic Republic (or, since the ancient times, simply Hellas) offers more to marvel than any traveller could wish for.

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Greece is the prime place for sightseers who are interested in the eclectic and unique. But what’s more, as the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Western literature, political science, ground-breaking scientific and mathematical principles, and drama (both tragedy and comedy), Greece is a multi-dimensional country brimming with fascinating stories to learn. And who better to hear the country’s rich history other than from the people who obsess over every detail of the nation’s past and current culture the most: Greek sightseeing guides.

Sightseeing guides in Greece eagerly await sharing the country’s rich legacy with you, a legacy that includes a staggering 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But beyond these historic sites, Greek guides look forward to showing you Greece’s stunning coastline (the 11th longest coastline in the world!), lush islands surrounded by turquoise waters, extensive plains, and jaw-dropping mountains. Sightseeing by car is always a luxurious and fantastic option, but since 80 percent of Greece consists of mountains or hills, it’s inevitable you’ll end up walking through Greece’s phenomenal nature at some point, an experience not even the most sedentary would object.

In addition to divulging Greece’s secret gems, as well as it’s fascinating history and current culture, the country’s sightseeing guides expose you to the area’s phenomenal local food and wildlife. In regards to the former, Greece is famed for the likes of moussaka, spanakopita, and dolmades (rice, currants and pine kernels wrapped in vine leaves), and in terms of the latter, the country is home to many rare marine species, such as pinniped seals and loggerhead sea turtles, as well as brown bears, lynx, roe deer and wild goats.

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Sightseeing in Greece

Antonis Pothitos

Mykonos, South Aegean, Greece

Private, Sightseeing

Custom Price

Delos Sunset

Discover the hidden treasures and secrets of Delos on this four-hour private tour - an educational and entertaining way to explore an ancient Greek city. You will meet your guide near th…



Mykonos, South Aegean, Greece

Boat, Sightseeing

$190 USD

Santorini Catamarans Day…

Mykonos, South Aegean, Greece, Greece

Boat Tour, Sightseeing


Pinelopi Penoglou

Kalambaka, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Region...

Adventure, Beach, Boat, Climbing...

€30 EUR

Hiking in Mysterious a…

Kalambaka, Trikala Region, Greece, Greece

Adventure, Heritage-History Tour...


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Greece Sightseeing Continued...

Food and wild life aside, Greece is the prime spot for sightseeing because it boasts impressive theater — theater was born in Greece — and music scenes. Just as you won’t be able to forgo Greece’s stunning white sand beaches and quaint traditional villages, while sightseeing in Greece, you also won’t be able to skip attending an opera; Greek opera is too fabulous to pass up. Additionally, as the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, you can bet that Greece hosts some spectacular sporting events that are inarguably worth attending.

So enough with dreaming about how romantic ancient Greece was: it’s time you book your sightseeing guide to experience the country’s staggering beauty first-hand. Sightseeing guides in Greece will tell you everything you want to know about anything from Greek mythology to current trends, and they can barely wait a moment longer.

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