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When you visit the Cradle of Western Civilization, you owe it to yourself to learn a little about Ancient Greece. Just the mention of this beautiful country in the Mediterranean will conjure up images of heaping plates of olives, the sparkling sea, epic beaches, and quaint villages clustered around tiny harbours. But Greece’s incredible and far-reaching history is mesmerizing, and a Greece heritage-history tour will leave you with newfound appreciation for the ancients.

You can’t take a trip to Greece without spending a bit of time in Athens. It’s where democracy was born, after all, and the Acropolis on the hill is one of the most beautiful sights you’ll see in the country. Its size and the great detail implemented in its construction is overwhelming, and you’ll find yourself wondering how anybody could create such a work of art thousands of years ago! Your local guide will also dish all the info on the Hellenic Parliament in Monastiraki, as well as the history of Hadrian’s Gate, the Temple of Zeus, and the Roman and Greek agora (the marketplace). Some of the finest ancient Greek sites are found in Athens, so even if you’re eager to get to the islands, you owe it to the gods to pay homage.

People also tend to overlook Thessaloniki, Greece’s second biggest city on the mainland. It’s more off the grid, and well worth a visit, especially if you’re looking to do some sightseeing. On a Greece heritage-history tour you’ll visit the Aristotle Park, devoted to the great thinker and philosopher who was teacher of Alexander the Great. From there you can explore the Arnea, one of the “green” villages of Halkidiki, and the Folklore and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace. For the spiritual, the church of Saint Stefanos is a must visit. Thessaloniki is a great city to take in on foot, especially for its unique Macedonian architecture.

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Athens, Attica, Greece

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Explore Athens & Greece

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For something different, understanding Greece’s relationship with olives and olive oil production is key to understanding Greek culture and history as well. One of the best places to do this is in Crete, where you can see a modern olive oil mill where Cretans harvest their olives. You can also visit a winery to see how the wine is made, and then heard onwards to a Cretan village, where you’ll be greeted with suitable Cretan hospitality. You can even visit a 16th century Cretan house.

And there’s so much more: come explore 4000 years of Greek history, including must-see sites like the volcanic island of Santorini, the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, and the ancient theatre at Epidaurus. With a local guide, you can visit the 19th century town of Nauplion and the traditional village of Kyparissi in the Aegean Sea.


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