Germany Sightseeing

With so many natural wonders to marvel, as well as a lengthy list of historic castles that one usually only sees in fairy tales, it’s no wonder 30% of Germans spend their holiday in their own country. Between the 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and landmarks like the Cologne Cathedral, a renowned monument of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture that lures in more than 20,000 people per day, sightseeing in Germany is some of the best out there.

Sightseeing guides in Germany also make visits to the country one hundred percent worth your while. The country’s guides are passionate about their heritage, in turn bringing a captivating enthusiasm to their tours that simply inspire you to keep exploring the German culture. Germany’s sightseeing guides are multidimensional: some know the funniest and quirkiest anecdotes about Berlin, while others are highly skilled bicyclists, artists, writers, historians, actors, and classical musicians. One guide is even trained in neuroscience, so should you have a niggling question pertaining to Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, he’s your man! The take-home message: Germany’s tour leaders guide with great aplomb.

Whether you want to snoop around endless castles, or privately experience Berlin’s historic and alternative parts in a chauffeured, stretched-out classic “Trabant” car, sightseeing in Germany is the activity for you. You don’t have to be extremely fit, or even history-minded, to enjoy Germany; the country is packed full of sights of all sorts to meet everybody’s needs, even those of small children and the elderly.

The best part about sightseeing guides is that they go beyond what’s standing in front of you: German guides share fun facts about their country, facts like, Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world (the Irish take the lead!), there are over 300 kinds of bread in Germany (in fact, there are even bread museums!), a German invented the Gummy Bear candy, the first printed book was in German, and Germany has over 400 zoos, which is the most in the world!

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Germany Sightseeing

Silvia Britro Morales

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Private, Sightseeing

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Berlin 12 in 1

Discover the different aspects of cultural life, the arts and entertainment by visiting unusual and mysterious places. We will follow the footsteps of history to understand today. Enjoy litt…



Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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Sightseeing Flight Over Berlin

Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Germany

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Tobias von Wolffersdorff

Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf...

Helicopter, Sightseeing

€199 EUR

Cologne / Köln

Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany...

Helicopter Tour, Sightseeing


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To experience the country that is home to the world’s tallest cathedral, mostly uses Mercedes for taxis, borders 9 countries (Austria, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Czech Republic, and Poland) and that started the whole Christmas tree tradition, don’t wait a moment longer to reserve your sightseeing tour guide. These in-the-know locals ensure your journey around their captivating country is thoroughly successful, stress-free, and invigorating. German sightseeing guides not only know where to find the best beer and bratwurst, they also know where the best sights for sightseeing are, and they’re willing to go the extra mile to take you there in whatever way suits you best.

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