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There are many good reasons to visit Germany. Whether you’re interested in adorable cobblestoned villages or big artsy cities, or even those stunning Bavarian Alps. This central European country has an overwhelming number of options for those who want to dive into a special place. Germany has long been one of the most advanced countries in the world. Did you know they gave us the printing press, the automobile, and even MP3s? Did you know that Martin Luther was born here, and Albert Einstein, to name a few? For those who truly want to know what Germany is all about, a guided Germany heritage-history tour is your best insight into how and why the country ticks.

Many people choose to start out in Berlin, and why not? The city is overflowing with artists and travelers, and upbeat Germans who love their hometown. One of the most obvious highlights to see here is the Berlin Wall. On your Germany heritage-history tour, a local guide can tell you about why the cherry trees were planted on the border strip at Bornholmer Straße, home to the Monday Demonstrations. You’ll learn why there are metal images of rabbits embedded into the asphalt. Of course, you’ll learn about the wall itself, following the “death strip” and discovering its terrible history.

Of course, there’s much more to Berlin than just the wall! A local guide in Berlin can show you around the different city boroughs, including the housing blocks at Prenzlauer Berg, via the Plattenbauten, known as a “socialist” house area. You can visit the former Stasi building, with the Stasi prison where prisoners were kept inhumanely. On a lighter note, there’s the Sportforum, where many local athletes trained for the Olympics over the years, including the famous swimmer Franziska van Almsick. You’ll have the ability to reach far back into Berlin’s history, from the time of Teutonic Knights straight into the Cold War. Explore the royal boulevard and learn about Brandenburg Gate, and the city’s evolution from a pagan fishing village into the capital of Prussia. Berlin was once the centre of the Enlightenment under Frederick the Great, the scene of occupation by Napoleon, and even the capital of Bismarck’s German empire.

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Germany Heritage-History Tour Continued...

Many visitors to Germany are curious about the holocaust, and the tragic circumstances around World War II. To understand what happened here, it’s worthwhile to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp, the first permanent camp built by the Nazi Party of Germany. You’ll get a sobering idea of how the camp here worked, as your guide discusses all aspects of camp life and death for the hundreds of thousands of prisoners that came through here. Nowadays, Germany is far from its former World War II hub of violence and intolerance. Be sure to appreciate all the modern aspects of this beautiful country, and just how wonderfully strong the country has rebuilt itself.

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