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Few places in the world are as renowned for their cuisine as France is. After all, gourmet dining was practically invented here. Fresh cheeses, warm loaves of bread, fine wines, and tender meats are just some of the things you’ll sample while on a France food tour. There’s no time to worry about a little weight gain – France is all about indulgence! The best part of it all? No matter where you are in France, you’re guaranteed to come up against some delicious foods.

If you’re starting out in Paris…well, lucky you. Your guide may take you somewhere a little off the beaten track. Visit Sainte-Genevieve Hill, with impressive views of the Pantheon. This place is full of exciting cafes and coffee houses, as well as bohemian bookshops and many street markets. Many famous artists and writers frequented these areas. Stop at a wine store and sample some French charcuterie paired with wine, salty cured meat, and pates. When you’re done, head to the Saint-Michel area for some coffee.

Looking for something a little more traditionally Parisian? You can’t go wrong with a sweet macaron (or a dozen) from a popular food shop. Stop by a Parisian fromagerie and become a cheese expert, or just take in the bustling vibe of a busy French market.

Let your food journey take you to Lyon, reputably the gastronomy capital of the country. Why is Lyon such a foodie haven? It’s perfectly poised next to a variety of farmers all catering to different products. Many of these farmers have carried on their family’s legacy over hundreds of years, so you can bet you’re experiencing the very best in the region. Visit the covered market, and pop into any of Lyon’s “bouchon” bistros. Head to the famous “Halles Paul Bocuse” where you can try all the traditional Lyonnaise cuisine: cheese, charcuterie, chocolate, and of course, wine. With a local France food tour guide, you’ll know exactly what to taste and try.

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Veronique Hery

Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees, France

Cultural Immersion, Food, Lifestyle

$4000 USD

Private, Hosted, Guided Tours

Do you want to experience the places you travel? Do you want to feel engaged? Do you want local insights? Do you want to really connect with people and places? If you answered yes to one, or…


Preston Mohr

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Food, Lifestyle, Wine

$135 USD

French Wine and Cheese Dinner

Paris, Ile-de-France, France, France

Food Tour, Lifestyle, Wine Tour


Martine Bertin-Peterson

Provence, France

Food, Heritage-History, Lifestyle...

$5200 USD

A Taste of Provence

Provence, France, France

Food Tour, Heritage-History Tour, Lifestyle...


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When it comes to cheeses, look no further than Basque country. The famous cheese Idiazabal is named after its town of origin, located in the green mountain ranges and valleys near Aralar and Aizkorri Natural Parks. Here you’ll learn about the origin of the cheese and its production process at the interpretation centre. Yes, the cheese is so important here, it has its own interpretation centre! You can taste a variety of cheeses as well. While visiting this town, be sure to stop by the church of Archangel San Miguel, with its Romanesque-Gothic portal. Have lunch in Zerain, in what was once a prison dating to 1711. See Segura, a medieval town and a Monumental Heritage Site. Who says you can’t pair your meals with a little sightseeing?

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