Food Tours in Spain

The Spaniards take pride in their food, and eating is more of a lifestyle than a necessity. From tapas and paella, to salami and churros, the Spanish know a thing or two about good food, so taking a food tour with a local Spanish guide is the way to go if you want to treat your tastebuds to a memorable experience. Food tours will not only whet your appetite for Spanish cuisine, but you’ll also learn how recipes have evolved over the years and take home some new tricks to use in the kitchen.

Taking a food tour in Spain is a great way to introduce your tastebuds to new flavours. Spanish food is incredibly varied, with the first recipes emerging in the 14th century before being influenced by the Arabs, French and Italians. The end result is literally thousands of local recipes, of which only a few have ventured overseas and made their way onto international menus.

Tour guides will introduce you to the wide world of tapas and explain how Spanish cuisine found a place in restaurants across the world. Eat your weight in fish dishes, drink just as much sangri, and learn the intricacies of tapas etiquette along the way. Of course, Spain also boasts some of the best wines on the planet, so no trip to Spain would be complete without sampling some local wines. Tour guides will take you to behind the scenes in some of the best local restaurants, and sprinkle some culture and laughs into each tour for good measure.

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Food Tours in Spain

Dario Gualtieri

Cadiz, Malaga, Porto, Seville, Andalucia...

Architectural, Bike, Food, Heritage-History...

$82 USD

Malaga Gourmet Tour

Meet your guide near Plaza de la Constitución in central Malaga, and then stroll to your first tapas bar of the afternoon. As you walk, your guide will chat to you about Spanish cuisine and…


Jordan Susselman

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Architectural, Bike, Food, Lifestyle...

Custom Price

Tapas, Like a Local

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Spain

Food Tour, Lifestyle, Sightseeing...


Jiri Lamac

Valencia, Valencian Country, Spain

Food, Lifestyle

Custom Price

Valencia Food Tour

Valencia, Valencian Country, Spain, Spain

Food Tour, Lifestyle


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Food tours are one of the best ways to eat your way through Spain in the nick of time. Tour guides will introduce you to local delicacies that will make your mouth water, and you’ll learn the intricacies of Spanish living along the way. Your tastebuds will thank you!

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