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Steeped in antiquity, Egypt has been enticing visitors for thousands of years. The Greeks and the Romans came to admire the Pyramids and the country’s other ancient monuments, and not much has changed since then. Situated on the Nile River, Egypt is home to mosques, souks, fortresses, monasteries, and even prehistoric rock art. Want to learn all about it as you’re sightseeing Egypt? Then an Egypt private tour is the only way to go.

Much of what visitors come to see in Egypt can be easily accessible from Cairo, Egypt’s extremely busy capital. The most obvious attractions, of course, are the pyramids of Giza, especially Khufu (known as The Great Pyramid). These giant complexes include aboveground burial chambers. The Great Pyramid consists of a whopping 2.3 million stone blocks, each one cut to precise measurements. Did we mention it was built 5000 years ago? The King’s Chamber is one of the deepest man-made chambers on earth.

While in Cairo, be sure to check out the Karnak and Luxor temples. Karnak temple is the second most popular site in Egypt, and is actually a temple complex consisting of more than 25 temples. Luxuor was once the site for the legendary city of Thebes. It’s known as the City of a Hundred Gates, and visitors are welcome to explore. Be sure to check out the Valley of Kings, and the Memnon Colossi. Go to the Egyptian Museum to see the famous mask of Tutankhamun. Your experienced local guide will be able to give you the best historical tidbits.

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George Onsy

Cairo, Egypt

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Be sure to spend some time at Khan el-Khalili, one of the world’s oldest covered markets. It was founded in 1382, and was an important trading centre for spice. Some people even say that this market prompted the discovery of America.

Besides the history, experience Egypt through its food culture. Aswan in particular is an excellent foodie destination, and is home to many top restaurants in the country. While here, you must try Kushari, considered to be Egypt’s national dish. It includes pasta and tomato sauce, as well as rice, lentils, caramelized onions, garlic, and chickpeas. After sampling other local dishes, wrap up with a dessert known as Halawa. Made from sesame paste and other tasty treats, Halawa is also known throughout the Mediterranean as “halva.”

For something entirely different, visit Cairo’s “Garbage City.” It’s a slum settlement to the southeast of Cairo, and the locals there are affectionately known as “Garbage People.” No, it’s not as vulgar as you think – these settlement dwellers have been Cairo’s unofficial sanitation crew for decades. To see how the locals live, an Egypt private tour is the best way to get into the heart of it all.

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