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The land of pyramids and ancient pharaohs, Egypt proves to be a strong lure for those interested in world history and grand adventure. When you take in the pyramids or when you observe the Nile, you’ll feel like this land still has a whole lot of mysteries to reveal…and you’re probably right. You’ll want to stay a year, but even if you’re on a quick trip, you can see a lot. Worried about getting around? An Egypt airport transfer tour is one way to get acquainted with Egypt in a safe and efficient manner.

When you’re exploring Egypt, scratching the surface of its long and complicated history can be daunting. The country has been ruled by a number of powerful civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, Christians, and Arabs. That’s why a guided airport transfer can be a blessing: your local guide will be well-informed about all of Egypt’s most interesting historical tidbits, and his or her passion will shine through.

Time and time again, the city of Luxor proves to be a favourite among travellers.  Clean and quiet, the local life is very much traditional but with a unique blend of the cultures that have invaded Egypt over the years. The food here is particularly noteworthy, especially thanks to all its worldly influences. Try Koshari, a mixture of lentils, rice, pasta, and more. Or if that doesn’t suit your tastes, Molokheyya is a plant chopped up and cooked with garlic and sauces. Simple, but with distinct flavours. Luxor is also home to ancient Thebes, with some of the best preserved monuments from worlds gone by.

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Airport Transfers in Egypt

Marwa Youssef

Cairo, Egypt

Airport Transfer, Multi Day Sightseeing...

$75 USD

See Cairo In One Day ( Layover)

Meet and assist at Cairo airport by Egypttripguides’s representative then meet your tour guide to start your private tour. Heading to The Egyptian Museum, enjoy touring inside the museu…


Mohammed Y. El-gendy

Cairo, Egypt

Airport Transfer, Car, Sightseeing

$80 USD

Cairo Full-Day Tour

Cairo, Egypt, Egypt

Airport Transfer Tour, Car Tour, Sightseeing


Ahmed Taha

Cairo, Egypt

Airport Transfer, Heritage-History...

$2170 USD

Overland Super Tour

Cairo, Egypt, Egypt

Airport Transfer Tour, Heritage-History Tour...


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If you’re looking for a challenge, you may find it in Cairo. The epicenter of Egypt lies here, and it’s a chaotic one. Hawkers are everywhere, traffic is brutal, and the noise can sometimes be overwhelming. But it’s a city worth exploring, as they all are in Egypt. From here, it’s easy to reach the pyramids of Giza. Not far from here, you’ll be able to take in the Sphinx, an iconic structure throughout the world. And of course, the museum hosting most of ancient Egypt’s best artifacts shouldn’t be overlooked either. To really immerse yourself in Egyptian culture, grab a drink of shai and smoke some hookah from a café overlooking the street.

What about the other historical highlights? Well, there are many places to begin. Aswan is a great place to go to really gain an understanding of Egyptian archaeology. The temples here are starker than in Giza, and from here it’s possible to sail the Nile River. Then of course there’s the Sahara desert, where you’ll find medieval fortresses and mirage-like oases. If you’re particularly biblical, head to Sinai to find where God spoke to Moses.

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